Horny men
2003-05-06 08:30:36 ET

"the heat is on...put your joint on cruise...try to rush, you scuff your break shoes - Just cool and relax...take a breath, take ten paces back."

My goodness...the nastiest man as-of-yet (I ain't even tryin' to find wood to knock on at this ungodly hour [10:00am]) tried to get in my panties yesterday. Fuckin' mexican guy, 30-ish, is tryin' to tell me that he needs to have conversation with english-speakers 'cause it helps him understand the language better. That's all good, aside from the fact that he was talking to me almost fluently, save for an accent. Guy kept touching my shoulders and shaking my hand and getting in my way, asking for my number and trying to get me to go the bar with him. I probably would've gone, but I was already late for work. Plus he was hella disgusting. I mean, like, I don't understand. Do I look easy?

I'm tellin' y'all, these adult guys ain't got no muthafuckin style. They're always like "Oh...don't worry 'bout that..I GOT MONEY..and I can afford to get you drunk..TRUST ME!" Some guys are straight up tryin' to impress me with their cash. WACK. I don't give a fuck though...Someone wants to buy me lunch and beer, fuck it. I always feel like I'm having lunch with a teacher or some semi-important authorative figure, then I remember that this man wants to have some nasty gay sex and is actually trying to charm me. Fuck that. Adults stink.

So, once again, I empathize with all those girls who others may say "lead people on." Fuck that...it's not the girl who's leading anyone on, it's the boy/man leading himself on. If someone is insessantly trying to buy you shit, why not give the idiot the time of day and let him buy you lunch? Thing is, these guys DON'T STOP. They hassle and hassle and wont shut the fuck up until you give them what they want, which I never do 'cause, like I said before, they're older 40-ish men, and that's gross. I hope I'm dead before I'm 40.

Horny men suck. I stay reserved...and get nowhere.

YO, I'M TOTALLY GOING TO BERKELY/OAKTOWN...last weekend of this month.

2003-05-06 08:39:55 ET

hey, i've been lead on before...

2003-05-06 08:46:21 ET

there are some girls who do lead guys on for the sheer entertainment but i do agree some guys are the ones who push themselves on girls.

2003-05-06 08:52:33 ET

Girls tend to lead men on for fun/free drinks or food, rarely for sex, while men can't stop pursuing women because they desperatly want poontang. I was discussing it with my boyfriend recently; when a women gets even the remote inkling of being shot down by a man, she's gone; no more pursuit. When a dude gets shot down by a women, that's NUTHIN'; he's a veritable Wolverine--he gets shot over and over and just doesn't die!
Have fun in the B to the A; don't forget to go to Lafayette (hee hee, only if you can. I suggest breakfasting/lunching at the Squirrle or Milly's if you do).

2003-05-06 09:31:36 ET

I'm guilty of leading people on purely for an ego-boost. :(

Evil, evil . . . But, when I get the chance- it's nice to feel wanted? . . . Not by forty year old men, though, ew . . . I get these creepy old guys who always look the same hitting on me constantly: red peely faced men with dirty damaged gross yellow white hair and creepy smiles . . . Ick, ick. > <

2003-05-06 09:37:29 ET

Sometimes I think women lead on people just to makes themselves feel more attractive too.

Also, I have found that being unresponsive actually increases the girl's attempt to lead someone on.

2003-05-06 09:46:20 ET

I think it depends on the person?

When someone is unresponsive towards me I assume I'm horrible and ugly and must be such a nuisance to them so I try to avoid them as much as possible so I quit feeling like an inconvenience . . .
. . . because I have such a melodramatic mind? :D

When someone shows attraction towards me it generally makes me a bit attracted to them . . .

2003-05-06 10:37:32 ET

I think what some of the girls think is, "Hey, but EVERYONE responds to me. Why not this guy?"

Once a had a girl trying to draw attention to her chest by thrusting it over the counter at work. It was funny.

2003-05-06 11:00:56 ET

It works sometimes! As a salesperson I got a guy to buy a flashlight that way. lol. Those jobs are by far more dehumanizing than prostitution, for sure!

I think the response thing also has to do with kind of a desirability status enhancer . . . Like it makes you think that the person must be really special because they're not super desparate . . . Also to kind of compete with other people, 'He wouldn't go with her or her, but he would with me= I win.'

Lol, I think there's huge lists of reasons for those sorts of behaviors- fun to consider . . . I remember reading a book called, "Survival of the Prettiest" which was all about that . . . Way good reading . . .

. . . Yeah. [/rant]

2003-05-06 11:23:44 ET

I was at work, not her.

2003-05-06 14:29:57 ET

Lol, well I don't know what to say, then. :D

2003-05-06 14:43:15 ET

I'm just totally alien to all that shyte, and when it strikes me, I'm always like, "uh...okay."

I was bitching about this with a friend saying that I always get hit on by guys, but never girls. And she responded with "why don't you hit on girls?"

So why don't I? The answer is a question: how the fuck is one supposed to do that? IF ANYONE HAS SUGGESTIONS AS TO HOW DANIEL IS SUPPOSED TO HIT ON GIRLS, PLEASE SUBMIT THEM NOW.

I can do stuff at, like, bars and clubs. That's natural feeling, probably 'cause I'm drunk, but nevertheless...

(Warning: Daniel is going to tell a lame story)

Mmmmm...one time I was at this hip-hop show and I saw this beautiful, tall, curvacious girl. I was in a rather virile state of mind, so I went up to her and kindly asked what her name was (in the midst of tons of people, low-light and weed smoke). She said her name was Danielle, and without me prompting her, she told me that she was a Cancer. My jaw dropped and the butterflies multiplied exponetially in my stomach as I looked into her beautiful dark eyes. It just flowed easily after that...for the 2 minutes I talked to her. Then she put her arms around me and kissed me, and not like a peck or whatever, but like a real nice full-fledged kiss. I almost died. Then I think my friend told me someone I liked was on, so I left, with the full confidence that she would call me. She never did. The end.

2003-05-06 14:53:13 ET

That is so sad. You always have to remember that part of Good Will Hunting in those situations, were you have to prioritize the possibility of love over entertainment.
I like referring to movies for advice, hehehehe ;)

2003-05-06 15:41:35 ET

blah, that girl should have called you.

2003-05-06 19:49:26 ET

"I like referring to movies for advice, hehehehe ;)"

Yeah, movies know everything!

2003-05-09 16:44:36 ET

eeeeeeep eeeeeep. daniel

you know what this means right?

you and meeeeee hanging out!

and no you don't easy, you just look like a hoe. thats really gross. i think you shouldnt have even opened the door. that what the peepholes are for you know?

2003-05-13 13:35:36 ET

Homegirl Jessica. *sigh* The plans have changed. We're going to Seattle now. =(

I mean, I'm still excited, but no Jessica.

So, here's the plan: you move to Los Angeles, go to UCLA or USC or whatever, and we'll move in together. You get educated and I'll pay the bills, yeah?

2003-05-13 13:45:48 ET

You're moving off to Seattle?

2003-05-13 13:48:14 ET

Moving, but only for like a weekend. I've only been to Seattle once when I was in 6th grade. I remember really enjoying it.

2003-05-13 19:18:30 ET

my friends going to UCLA. i may go down to UCLA and hang with her and my friend susan. i refuse and would kill myself if i went to USC> and you pay bills...thats good. but it might be demoralizing to my womanhood.

seattle?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gah!!you suck.

2003-05-14 09:12:11 ET

I'm actually thinking 'bout not going now. I mean, it's for one weekend, and it's gonna take, like, 30+ hours round-trip, which is like too long for the sake of staying for one night. I really wanna see my friend who lives in Seattle, but damn. Thing is, I still got the whole damn weekend off, so I must travel somewhere...


I'm tellin' ya...I wanna live in LA someday soon. I love it there. So you move and go to school full-time and I'll work and suck in all that immorality like a sponge so that none of it touches you...Girl, I'm moral as fuck and you know this!

2003-05-15 20:28:36 ET


but daniel....why would i want to be with someone immoral and who wouldnt have the same values as me?

that causes fighting and clashes and head butting. and you know i dont go down without a fight.

2003-05-16 07:01:25 ET

Oh, that's okay. Just squeeze me and all that immorality will drain away.

2003-05-16 09:11:38 ET

haha. like spongebob!

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