2003-05-12 12:06:22 ET

I'm about to punch a couple o' these Orange County greyhairs. I hope you know what I'm sayin'. I was at the local train station last night seeing my best friends Erika and Josh back to San diego. And...like, this one punk bitch walks by me sayin' something whimisical like "jez...hope I didn't leave my wallet (somewhere)..." right? Like, some meaningless shit...so I respond with a "blah blah" kind of remark...like something equally whimsical and playful. Then motherfucker responds with a turned face "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU!"...and I'm like thinking 'what the fuck?' So, I call him a 'punk-bitch' and he keeps walking and etc...
...thing is, I should have punched him in the face.

Let me tell you one thing...I'm sick-and-fucking tired of receiving this type of treatment from older conservative pussy-ass Republicans. They don't have the goddamn right to approach my existence like that. I'm not looking for people to bow down and pray for my ass, but I deserve a little respect.

So, that's the last straw. I've had a couple of public confrontations with strangers within the last year and I'm tired of it. Next time the person's gettin' a nice nuckle sandwich, and that's my word.


2003-05-12 12:11:30 ET

Word. I was on the El last friday and this woman said to my FACE, "Hi!.....HI!!" And I was like, Excuse me? And she said, like a total bitch, "I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU."
Too bad she was looking directly at me.
Apperently the man directly behind me was the person she was trying to get the attention of,who also was a perfect stranger to her...she had seen him at the eye doctor or some shit (of course I was a party to that portion and the only portion of the conversation because I was in between these people). The guy didn't even give a fuck, he was like, "Oh...right, hi."

2003-05-12 12:15:51 ET

Seriously! These uptight Republicans have got to go. I feel for ya bud! Living in the OC definately has it's drawbacks. Some people are just straight out rude.

2003-05-12 13:24:26 ET

lets make babies

2003-05-12 13:45:10 ET


2003-05-12 16:50:36 ET

chrisssss.Are you gonna see Bjork?

2003-05-13 07:12:56 ET

You know what I'm talkin' about. I'm just tired of being made to feel like an idiot for another idiots' idiocity. (I really would like to rephrase that last sentence, but I need to save this last little bit of brain juice for school.)

I would say that I shouldn't complain 'cause I am in Orange County and 1 out of every 1 person is a honky Republican, but these people are everywhere, as Danny has verified. It's not right. People need some manners up in here.

BJORK BIZNEZZ: Yo, many a friend just got tickets to that show. I'm not going though. I do wanna hear new music from Bjork. I kinda have a controversial opinion, and that's I don't really like 'Vespertine' too much. It just kinda bores me and gives me this overtly-self-indulgant impression. HOWEVER-I love that one song that's goes something like 'We have a reoccuring dream-everytime we lose our voices-we swallow warm, glowing light' You know what song I mean? My god, that song tears me apart.

Have you heard that beautiful "HANDS" song from Bjork? I don't know what it's called exactly, but it's kinda newer. The chorus says something like "It's in your hands," know what I'm sayin?

2003-05-13 07:24:10 ET

De Funkt: You get used to it after a while. Orange County is kind of backwards compared to the rest of the state. Are you going to Fullerton College now?

2003-05-13 07:27:33 ET

There is a girl in my hip hop dance class from OC; she is totally wealthy.
I <3 Bjork...she's not coming to Chicago. Maybe I could jet on up to Moscow this summer to see her while I'm in Belgrade.
'Jet on up' ;)

2003-05-13 07:42:30 ET

There's alot of upper class people in OC. Some of them act like they own the whole damn world though.

Bjork rules.

2003-05-13 10:32:27 ET

I saw bjork the last time she came and my friend just bought tickets this time,so,here we go again.She's amazing to watch.I just wanna pick her up,she's so tiny.

2003-05-13 13:41:41 ET

I saw Bjork in '98 in Hollywood. That shit was totally awesome. People were getting smashed and passing out and all that. Crazy shyte. Then I saw her at Coachella last year. It's cool that I saw her, but I was sad 'cause I missed Siouxsie BECAUSE I WAS IN THE TRANCE ROOM. The fuck is that? Trance...trance my azz.

Yo, I be going to Fullerton College. In fact, I'm going there tonight. Finals...finals my azz.

Hey, so...um...about making babies...

2003-05-13 13:44:59 ET

My graduation is going to be there on the 28th!

Haha, if you go into the Workforce Center you'll see a newspaper clipping of me on the wall too.

When are you usually there? I thought I would have bumped into you by now.

2003-05-13 13:52:19 ET

I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the morning and in the evening. Actually, one time I thought that maybe I saw you, but I wasn't sure and I'm totally bad with real names, so I would've been like, "dude? Sinsation? Oh....sorry bro, my dad, oh, I mean, my bad," AND THE EMBARRASMENT WOULD'VE KILLED ME! =D

Congrats on graduation! That's awesome!

2003-05-13 13:58:42 ET

yeah,Siouxsie is one of the last bands on my "I have to see them before I die" list.Her and Bowie,then I'm about set.

yeah,babies,ya know?...you're cute,i'm female.....it could happen,hah.jk

2003-05-13 14:08:21 ET

Dude, you should have totally stopped me. Are you going to summer school?

2003-05-13 14:35:34 ET

I want to go to summer school, but I've decided instead to try to work hard and make money this summer. I'm gonna try to look into getting a second job doing data entry. You know...something where I can go all drunk and smell really bad and talk shit about the government and stuff.

My friend David (pictured in one of my galleries) just landed a job in San Diego selling sunglasses. Whatever...but the thing is that he doesn't have to shower, he doesn't really have to be polite, and he gets drunk and stoned all day with his boss and co-workers. His boss OWNS the place, so there's no chance that some District Manager walking in. And he sells real shit, like Fendi and Armani and Oakley and Ray Bans and whatever...god, I love sunglasses! Okay, I'm babbling.

But if I see a suspect that matches your discription, I'll make sure to apprehend. Then we can kick it like gangstaz.

Yo EVA: you wanna hang out sometime? Hmmmm?

Actually, IF ANYONE wants to hang out, PM and I'll give y'all my digits!

2003-05-13 15:17:52 ET

Give me your digits. You're only a hop skip and a jump. I'll give you mine too.

And get a temp job. People don't care about you if you're a temp. Basically you get to do whatever you want. When I get into work I space out then go on Livejournal and Subkultures.

2003-05-13 16:33:24 ET

it's a date:P

and perhaps a one night stand,hah.


2003-05-14 10:26:27 ET

Where do you live again? Was it Ventura? Maybe after our finals? Hmmm? =D

Good idea Sin...yo, I'll be givin you a call as soon as this school shit is outta da way.

2003-05-14 11:36:37 ET

I live in burbank.Finals stink,I have them next week:(

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