2003-05-14 19:53:19 ET

I'm trying to learn "Fur Elise," for 3 reasons:

1)because that's my final for my intro to Piano class

2)because everyone IN THE WORLD knows how to play it besides me (and I want to be like everyone else).

3)I didn't want to learn "the Star-Spangled Banner," and there's two reasons within the 3rd:
1)I don't want that information in my brain
2)Fuck the word 'Spangled.' That word sucks.

Thank you.

2003-05-14 19:55:40 ET

ok to make you feel semi-better i don't know how to play but the first few notes of "Fur Elise". but i don't know a lot so that probably doesn't help.

"Fur Elise" is a wonderful choice though, one of my favorites..again useless info that I am full of this evening.

and spangled does suck big donkey, does it mean anything?

2003-05-14 20:00:01 ET

It's just such an ugly word. Like, "Oh darling, look at the beautiful sky above us, how it's SPANGLED with stars." Fuck that.

Hell, I don't even like the word SPANG. Pang's alright. Pootang's alright. SPANG? Nope.

I am so full of useless info right now! I kinda like it.

2003-05-14 20:01:20 ET

I think I'm always full of useless info, or incorrect info at least.

pootang...that's a great word!

2003-05-14 20:53:35 ET

hehe, who's your teacher?

I'm sure you'll get by with an A.

2003-05-15 04:26:52 ET

You'll do awesome; Fuer Elise is fairly easy and is very beautiful. One of the sections of it is one of my favorite to play in all of piano, but I haven't taken piano lessons in FOREVER so I should probabley try discovering some new illin' shit.
Next you should learn the Moonlight Sonata...so beautiful. A dude playing the Moonlight Sonata is sexy (heh heh).

2003-05-15 05:11:27 ET

Yes Fur Elise is pretty easy, and fun.

Moonlight Sonata is one of my favorite songs.

2003-05-15 18:39:25 ET

learning moonlight sonata will get you laid for sure

2003-05-16 04:10:17 ET

Emptied: Hahahaha! :-D

2003-05-19 07:58:06 ET

i learned how to play that when I was about 8 or 9.My parents were obsessed with me playing the piano.After a few years,I just gave it up and moved on.

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