2003-05-20 06:44:10 ET

LAST DAY OF FINALS. I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown.

I love getting up, drinking coffee, and typing like a tweeker. It's nice. I appreciate.

Yo, this is all a very obvious point, but a lot of people look like they be makin' love to their webcams and digicams and what-have-ya. It's kinda mushy in here, know what I mean? I think everyone should have a mandatory unflattering mug shot that had to be posted on their personal site. Like a picture taken under flourecent lights. Then any other pretty pictures would be like, "this is me when I'm pretty. This is me when I'm under flourescent lights," instead of the constant impression of "this is me ALL THE TIME, 24/7...I am beautiful and I know it. Don't you wanna make love to me? Can't Touch This!"

With all this adornment and manipulation, you don't know what anyone looks like. I know a camera has a hard time telling the truth..."don't make me bite your face - 'cause it ain't like I like the taste"

I'm so out of here. I'm gonna get some Taco Bell. Junk food is theraputic, in a disgusting American way.

2003-05-20 07:15:50 ET

it's lunchtime in CT and i think you just drew me to the pizza parlor.
my mug shot is pure 35mm goodness-i think i update my photographic self every year or so depending. the reason i like my avatar is the room where i shot it-and the nice corona bottle smack in the corner. can't compete with the webcam girls, but i just want a means of identification, nothing else.
ps-good luck on your finals

2003-05-20 07:49:04 ET

good luck with finals kiddo ^_~ viva la camera-whore! i look nothing like my pics in real life, i'm an artist, i like manipulation of image, kind of like cindy sherman's approach to self-portraits, we all play different roles and we all approach them in a different manner, whether or not they want to live out and stay in that role is their prerogative. unfortunately it does leave that pesky question of who is genuine and who is fake?

2003-05-20 08:26:09 ET

I dig what you are saying about camera fornication, Senor. the one picture I have of my self is 100% is actually taken by myself holding the camera out in a moving car. I am wearing sunglasses though, but I wanted to look cool like the Fonz.
People do it though because they are (for the most part) wholley insecure with their real visage and have an oppritunity to look like someone they aren't, which directly relates to the intensions behind a large population of people who have accounts on online communities or forums: to be an idealized, desired version of themselves. I just see the greater part of people who take pictures like that as pathetic or desperately in need of affirmation of their beauty....
I do acknowledge that some people do it for fun and to fuck around with computers as well.

2003-05-20 12:32:35 ET

I totally forgot to say good luck on your finals; I am a total weenis; sorry.

2003-05-20 12:43:23 ET

Errr...math final went to shit. I have no choice now. To get my GPA up, I'm gonna have to only take classes I like next semester. What a shame.

So Sinthetik, you don't look like what your pictures show? What do you look like then? I dare you to take a mug shot! As for good ol' Ms. Sherman, I just don't know. I know that there's something there. It seems to me like all the kids who are into photography are more inclined towards Cindy. In my opinion (and I mean no offense here), she's complacent. I dread standing before a Cindy Sherman. It's such a boring process to me. But that's just my ass speaking.

Yo Danny, you're pic is great. It's great because I know that's what you look like. There's no doubt about it. I tried that with that one stupid picture of me in my old bathroom. That's really what I look like, aside from the seemingly decreased head-size. I thouroghly enjoy real pictures, where it's just fun and whatever. I understand that a lot of people just like to get down, even if that means putting on some make-up or whatever and getting all sexified. It's all good. But I can't help but laugh at these kids who put this face on, this little pout with deep, sentimental eyes, trying to look all poetic or something. Like, what is that? And, of course, they ain't got shit to say. I don't live in the middle of America, so I shouldn't talk.

Actually, I think I'm talking way too much. I don't want to offend anyone. =D

2003-05-20 12:47:23 ET

Yo Danny, speaking of luck, can you explain that one Frank Sinatra title "Luck be a Lady Tonight?" What the fuck does that mean? Does he wanna get lucky with a lady? Does he want a lady to serve as a good luck charm? What does he mean? I figure you might have a clue, 'cause you're smart.

2003-05-20 12:52:05 ET

LOL!!!! I just TOTALLY laughed out loud at what you just said, oh SNAP.

Truth be told, 'Luck be a Lady Tonight' is from the musical Guys and Dolls. 'Luck' being a 'Lady' plays into the story, and it's weird that you brought that song up because the movie was on TCM yesterday and I watched it...Marlon Brando; oh DAMN; he used to be the hottest thing on two legs.

PS Thank you for complimenting my bounty of knowledge :-D

2003-05-20 12:56:16 ET

You're totally welcome. But I'm lost still. Is it like this woman named Luck trying to be a lady? Please help Danny. I'm having a hard time dealing with this.

2003-05-20 13:01:32 ET

I'm trying to insinuate the play on you so's you go see it, mister! I don't hand out culture on a sivah plattah! ;)
You should at least see the movie though; it is fun and good.
In a nutshell, Sarah Masterson, who Sky Masterson is after, is calling her 'luck' because they are going to play this craps game at her mission, which is a good front because it keeps the cops away, but her mission is a real mission, she doesn't know it's going to be sued for craps and....
Awww criminy; you should see the movie!

2003-05-20 13:03:14 ET

Errr....I will....I...promise!

2003-05-20 21:37:20 ET

it all depends on how much and what work of sherman you have been exposed to, but that's the same with any artist. her early film still stuff is boring, but that's kind of what she was trying to express that all women in film at the time played specific boring set up roles, nothing to them, almost card board cut outs. as for the mug shots of me trust me there are tons online. my social graces online are the same in reality, the more i become familiar with a person the more i open up to them.

2003-05-21 04:04:44 ET

*important note*
I ment Sarah Brown, not Sarah Masterson....I was typing fast; streams crossed.
Not like anyone cares really...but I care, goddamn it ;)

2003-05-22 11:56:18 ET

i look stoned in my picture,so,i dunno what you're talking about.

2003-05-23 02:59:17 ET

i was a little drunk in my picture

2003-05-23 07:58:44 ET

all the better!

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