2003-05-28 12:12:08 ET

(This entry has been modified due to an over-supply of negativity. The editor apologizes)

Two good things about living in apartments:
1)Built-in Pool
...and a third for those Diet Pepsi fans out there:
3)vending machines

I fucking hate banks. I think I deserve a fucking plaque in honor of how much fucking money I've given Wells Fargo this year in over-draft penalties. I HATE BEING AN ADULT!

Me and Josh were swimming at the beach Sunday evening, and a fucking seal came and swam next to us! YAY! So fucking cute! I wanna hang out with some seals. It seems like they laugh alot! I just wanna hug one! I wanna pat one on the back for telling a good seal joke! They're so adorable!

Any-muthafuckin'-wayz, today's turned out to be quite fabulous, thanks to the pool, the 'cuzzi, and my dear friends. Now the brown sky of afternoon turns to an orange sky of eve, and though the cops are busting down a mexican in the street as I write this, I feel very optimistic. Sometimes I get so excited seeing, thinking and feeling this land of southern California.

I want to be close to someone soft and precious. Evenings give me this wonderful imagery (and yo, I'm not thinking of bunny rabbits, not that bunny rabbits don't provide wonderful imagery). It would be nice to feel such things in reality, but one cannot rush. One cannot become impatient or perverted or obsessive or self-destructive (the last being my biggest personal threat). Just breathe and feel content that such happenings do occur, even though such occurances may happen as often as solar eclipses, such moments with other people, people you love.


2003-05-28 12:19:12 ET

The part about seals made me get all chewy; I love seals! SEA DOGS! So cute! :)
I'm sorry about your overdraft problems; I used to have those hard core. I got control of myself though because I have a wonderfully developed sense of anxiaty that makes me not fall asleep at night if I am in immediate debt. A curse, a blessing...

2003-05-31 06:59:28 ET

my appt. building only has a jacuzzi... with a no diving sign... and it's dirty, really dirty... damn the little whales that insist on "swimming" in it.


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