Tell me why I DO like Mondays
2003-06-02 09:31:43 ET

Peace. Feeling peace. I'm gonna keep it like this for as long as possible.

I'm drinking some Passion Fruit tea. I just ate a mango, and now I'm 'bout to eat some muthafuckin' avocado, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, all dat good stuff. Then, I'm gonna go to the library and read. And you know what I'm also thinking 'bout doin? Taking a pad of newsprint paper, sitting my ass down somewhere, and drawing some gestures. (Oh, and if someone reads this and it better to stretch BEFORE you eat or AFTER?)

You want to hear something you might find peculiar? I vibe on Mondays. Monday is probably my best day of the week. It is true that the majority of my Mondays are spent being hung-over and grossed-out, but when I have special occasions like today where I'm not hung-over, I feel really chill and really positive. So yeah, hopefully this state of mind continues throughout the week. I feel good. And I hope whoever reads this is also feeling good, 'cause it's good to feel good.

Yo, went to LACMA yesterday. Bummer 'cause the 'Anderson' Building was closed, and that's where all my favorite stuff is. Checked out an exhibit on Genghis Kahn, which is interesting 'cause I just started reading about dat crazy cat. I don't know though...interesting yes, but it didn't fulfill it's attempt at giving me a broad cultural perspective of Kahn's reign. The focus was largely on Iran and the whole middle east area, and included manuscripts and story-telling pictures as well as textiles and various objects of culture that came from that time. Still, I don't feel the job was completed as it could've been.

A very interesting thing that was totally disregarded was the level of terrorism that Kahn is renowned for. You pick up any other history of Kahn and that's what hits you first. On one hand I'm relieved that violence wasn't at all in the scope of the exhibit (because I think that would've diverted the real intent of displaying hundreds of years of material culture), but on the other hand I think something was terribly lacking in terms of the historical context that they provided. Violence, like in any history, has much to do with culture, beit a culture that has thrived for hundreds of years or a culture that doesn't yet exist. Violence and methods of power/control define a people as much as any other element. So yeah...that's my opinion.

Too much talking. Yo, once again, anyone who reads this...HAVE A NICE WEEK!

2003-06-02 10:39:42 ET

if i ever had anything good to say about my parking garage or york street in general, it's the proximity to the yale art gallery. the recreations of old colonial sitting rooms, bedrooms and the like (don't ask me why this fascinates me-possibly to get a sense of how short people were back then-you or I lay on those beds and we sleep with our shins suspended)-but you could walk around in them-instead of just looking blocked off by a velvet, like you're in line at a trendy club. unfortunately, the floor creeks and seen as I was the only one around, I felt pretty weird, like I was waking someone or about to set off an alarm.

2003-06-03 05:12:51 ET

you too... good times

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