2003-06-05 11:20:11 ET

Went to the Getty museum FOR THE FIRST TIME (isn't that some bullshit-the first time?) AND I TOTALLY LOVED IT!

Lots of people, nay, most people I talk to about the place have always told me 'oh...well, I mean, the gardens nice...they have good food...but it's kinda boring.' Morons. That shit's fucking increadible.

Let me get one thing straight here, in case ANYONE ever wants to take me on a date to a museum (!) I'm probably the worst person to choose. I stand in front of almost everything for minutes and minutes. I'm not one of those people who look at something for 10 seconds (or less) and keep moving. I stand and suck psychic vibes off of art like it was nitrous balloon.

Art takes me away. My thinking becomes clear and rational, but on a distant plane seperate from typical frontal-lobe meanderings. I think of time, technique, style/genre-titles, relevance, aesthetics, impact, culture, TRANSMISSIONS OF TRANSLATION. Everything comes together in such a wonderful, cohesive manner.

So yeah, I had a wonderful time and I will be back A S A fucking P.

2003-06-05 11:33:32 ET

there's nothing better than going to a good museum. something refreshing about being surrounded by things created by ideas not necessarily rooted in the mundane blahblah of modern life.

2003-06-05 13:22:21 ET

There's always too many people there, so I feel rushed. -:(

2003-06-06 07:37:15 ET

i've been to the getty when it was in malibu, totally breath taking, i just wanted to hide out and live there. but i'm completely the same way, i love looking at the brush strokes and the layers. i just wish i could touch it, create this odd link with the work and be able to see and feel everything around that person when they created it. maybe one day art will evolve into something like that, although it might kill the challenge of it all, being able to get someone to think or feel exactly what you're thinking while creating it, without being there to tell them.

2003-06-07 07:19:14 ET

You wanna know something crazy that sort of relates to your Getty Museum talk?
when I was at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts for the summer of 2000, I was in school with a girl by the name of Anna. We hung out; the fact that we were both from the bay area didn't spark anything in me initially, but when I was looking at the roster, I noticed what her last name was "Getty." And I was like, "Hmmmmm....Getty....San Francisco....."
Then one day she went to the Tate Museum with Amy Smart, who is also a famous person and at RADA that summer with me, and Anna talked about how much she loved it. The next year I was in Forensic Chemistry class at my university and the Tate Musuem came into conversation. In this conversation our prof told us about how one of the Getty children just donated 1 million dollars to the museum recently. And once again I thought, "Hmmmmmm...Anna went to the Tate and loved it......"
Ahhh; the wonder of my adventures.

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