Janet Jackson=sadness
2003-06-06 11:13:23 ET

That Janet Jackson song "Love Will Never Do Without You" has been finding it's way into my head almost everyday for a while now, and when it does, I start to feel so sad that I want to cry.

I get this 'floating in space with no way home' type feeling. Most of the time I'm comfortable with this feeling, but when this song is in my head, I get really sad.

Certain songs from that era (another one being "Cherish" from Madonna) totally make me depressed. They give me this super-clean, positive, sincere, in-love emotion, and they break me down into a puddle of tears.

See...this is why I primarily listen to hip-hop/d&b/digital shit. Nice, light-hearted love songs and shit make me so fucking sad. And I can't be sad. I have no time, no place, no shoulder to cry on. Fuck, I don't need no god-damned shoulder to cry on, I got my own.

Okay. I'm going for a walk to get some espresso. Then I'm going to work! YAY!

2003-06-06 14:20:34 ET

I like "Love Will Never Do Without You"..and I get the same emotions, so I can't really listen to my mom's radio in the car without cringing in pools of sadness. Damn 80's love songs.

2003-06-07 07:21:53 ET

You know what songs make me sad? Ones that are all like tender ass ballads from the 80's, like Jackson Brown, Carly Simon, shit like that. Also anything that reminds me of cuddling with someone in the dawn time. I'm way too sensitive.

2003-06-11 14:54:45 ET

dont feel bad. and if you need to cry you have my shoulder.

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