2003-06-12 15:04:56 ET

If you read this message and are in dire need of something to preoccupy yourself with DOWNLOAD SOME SONGS I MADE!


The bitrate's not all dat, and it's not all the stuff I have, and blah blah, but if you really like it, PM your address and I'll send you a copy FOR FREE! It'll come with a neat little picture too.

As for the rest of Daniel...unclean, over-rested, and hungry for mexican food. This may sound reallys sexist, but I don't think I'd want to have a girlfriend who didn't know how to cook good food. Knowing how to cook food that isn't totally honky-style is of vital importance to me. Honky food lacks luster. It's always like "mashed potatoes, fried chicked, and some peas and carrots." That's boring.

French fries are special though. French fries and some butter-pecan ice cream afterwards.

Fuck, I'm going to the store. Peace.

2003-06-12 17:49:30 ET

yo ill cook for you.

i need to call you first. did you get my call a week or two ago?

2003-06-13 09:12:07 ET

"Hey good lookin! What'cha got cookin?" I bet you make the bomb cuisine! MmmmMmmmm! Yummy imaginings!

I wanna eat more in my dreams. I wanna eat lots of ice cream! Or be under the ocean and be able to grab sea insects and fish and just eat away while breathing underwater. That'd be nice.

Call me tonight! (or today!)

2003-06-13 09:43:21 ET

hahah do you think if you ate in your dreams youd be less hungry when you woke up?

its like faux calories that fill you up.

2003-06-13 11:49:53 ET

download some stuff by Cool Kids.

they make me laaugh at them.

2003-06-13 12:57:29 ET

Awww...they so cute! I like "poppy and popeye" by Lotte Flack.

...where do you find this stuff? =D

2003-06-13 13:21:41 ET

i was watching disney channel. and they made me think of you for some reason.

2003-06-13 13:32:28 ET


atcually thats what i meant.

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