Suprise! Suprise!
2003-06-25 12:36:10 ET

Yep, suprise is right! Daniel's hung-the-fuck-over! YAY!

Yeah...I saw my fave MC MYKA NYNE last night down in w. Hollywood. I had such a good time! I danced my ass off. It was cool too 'cause I had a drink in my hand all night! YAY! The vibe was so good. Not the typical egotistical B-boy-arrogant-stance like "I'm the dopest human alive" feeling, which is what I'm accustomed to at hip-hop shows. It was way booty-shaking material. And as you may or may not know, Daniel gets way down with the shaking of the booty.

It's been a fresh-ass couple o' days in my life. I went to that underground art show last saturday and had one of the best nights I've had in a long time. I've rediscovered the fact that being in an art environment is the best place for me. Out of everything else, music or whatever, I vibe best when I'm around art. I like going off and I like being around other people who are also goin' off about shit. It's condusive to my mental health, know what I mean?

So yeah, I'm gonna try to get down with this one art crew, if for anything, just to kick it. I talked to some people involved and they're like some of the best people I've talked to. Real talk, straight up, all night. Live and direct. I bought some pieces, so they're gonna be delivered to my house this Friday. Hopefully then I'll be able to get to talk to someone and see what's goin' on.

So yeah...that's me, as-of-late.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Peace.

2003-06-25 17:39:23 ET

damn, I never heard of anyone who actually buys art. Maybe I'm just in the wrong country.

2003-06-25 19:13:05 ET

Yo Tony, I was wondering if I can ask you some questions about some art shit.

With your computer art, do you create the images with the computer, or do you scan the image and fix it? They look so clean, like vector style. Do you ever work with vector graphics? I really really enjoy your art. Actually, I really really enjoy your whole philosophy. You're very well-spoken. I dig clarity.

Another thing I was wondering is how do you go about getting into art shows? Via school? I'm thinking that, to get into anything, I will have to network more, which is something I'm not accustomed to. I'm really excited about this time in my life 'cause I feel that I can flex certain things to my advantage in terms of broadcasting creativity, as well as recieving.

If you ain't feelin' these questions, I shant take it personaly. I just figured you might be a good person to go to for some advice.

(I want to collect art. I want to have a vast collection. This is hard because I'm very very poor.)

2003-06-25 19:34:34 ET

The first question to shot back: who started calling me Tony on SK? I'm not getting offended or anything like that at all, but just...curious.

With my art: some are drawn offline, scanned on, then cleaned up on photoshop or vectored on Coral Draw (until I lost my CD and my computer you have Coral Draw? Please tell me you do...). Some are drawn directly on Photoshop (I stopped doing that as it's really time costly and results lack senses of touch). Some drawn vector style on MS Paint. Some are actually offline work, scanned in clean.

With the exhibitions: some are through school. They sound more important on my CV than they actually is. The last two shows are through work (I worked at the museum), but both ways tend to lend me to have less recognition than my stuff deserves.

Some people think they are smart and they come to me to "talk philosophy" with me. One guy tried to tell me he is a theology major and he's here to change my life (he somehow tried to by explaining the Platonic universe to me as if I have no clue). Others walk in to pretend to be sophisticated in the art world (I have all my explanations written on the wall clearly right beside the painting, and people will come to ask me what I am trying to convey in the painting).

There's really nothing I know of about how to "network". I am really bad with networking, and I find it even hard to find a job. There seems to be not enough people who recognize their ignorance. Most artists who claim themselves to be artists tend to muddle too much with "what is art? But who is to say what is art? oooooOOOOO~ this is getting philosophical here~!!! *I must be an artist!*" and I just don't want to be part of ANY community. Yet at the same time, similar to you, I do want to connect. Just, people are MUCH too wrong.

2003-06-26 12:08:59 ET

Thank you for your responses., I don't really use Corel, but I have Adobe Illustrator. If need be, I could probably send you an illegal copy. I think I got a copy of it somewhere here. I understand the whole Photoshop 'lack of touch' complication, which is why I try to use Photoshop as sparingly as possible. I can't stomach shit that looks totally edited, which is another reason I really dig your copmuter art: it still maintains a strong organic sense.

Yeah, the philosophy thing. I often try to prolong getting to the deep stuff until I know the person better. Sometimes I can go off instantaneously on people with philisophical contemplation, but all too often things end up, like you said, with the 'what is art?' question. However off-the-point the 'art' question is, I sometimes like to play around with it with other people, but I've got to be assured that you have some type of historical reference in mind and that you aren't taking anything as concrete fact ('the world order is based on a lie'). There's nothing worse than the pseudo-intellectual vampire. I find that those who maintain a good level of humor are the best to discuss deep shit. You seem to have a terrific sense of humor.

Where I'm at, here in so cal/orange county, there's a whole fuck-load of scensters, pretty-looking upper-middle-class kids who, many times, seem so fucking heartless. But below that, there seems to be this other web of kids who don't really give a fuck and just wanna get down. I'm looking for that. I wanna get down with the funk. This place is cooking with potential and I want to take advantage before I run out of enzymes and my metabolism kills me. Maybe I should just do heroin instead. Decisions decisions.

Peace Antony.

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