2003-06-29 23:07:55 ET

Yo, I just added some comics to my little art gallery, so if you're bored and/or stoned, please feel free to view these 'funnies.'

'Funnies.' I hate when people say that in reference to comics found in newspapers. I also hate when people say 'soda-pop.' That's so fucking generic and nasy-ass. Or just 'pop.' Or back in the day when old people would say shit like 'pass me the clicker' in reference to remote controls for televisions. I guess I just don't like listening to old people. HEY THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!

I like old people. Old people are wierd and out-of-step. They're so fucking left-field sometimes, and they are totally allowed to be that way, just like little children. It's always like "oh, don't listen to him, he's just trying to be a show off and get attention," while the adults mill around and do boring shit all day.

I don't wanna go through the late 30s/early 40s period. That always seems like it sucks dick.

What the fuck is this shit? I just wanted to mention the comics and I go off. I'm tired. I think I'm gonna read in bed until I pass out. It's so cozy in my apt right now, and I'm all alone...at, like 1:00am. Tranquil. Mmmmm...tranquilizers.


2003-06-30 03:31:26 ET

a friend of mine put it best "Old people are as punk as you get. they listen to music nobody likes, they have funky colored hair and wear a lot of plaid."

2003-07-02 02:18:46 ET

Heh heh; what's up Mr. Manic Speak? ;)
Old people have a win/loose with me. If you are an old person who is with it and has the capability to withstand change and continue to see the importance in individual growth, you are a kick ass old person.
However, if you are an old person who falls into that catagory of dangerously antiquated in your politics and social assumptions, than you can go to hell.
:) I am a nice person; I promise.

2003-07-03 11:06:41 ET

haha.. i love the beastmaster comic. lol. once i came home and there were 3 big black dead spiders in front of the door. i think my cat wanted to leave me a luv-present too..

2003-07-03 12:51:12 ET

Awwww! I love cats. Damn me for having allergies, otherwise I'd have cats stacked upon cats. I'd use living cats as pillows and blankets when I go to bed at night.

Yo Danny, I agree witch y'all in regards to the geezers. I think I'm refering to perhaps 20% of all old people.

But that's a terrific point your friend has graveyard!

2003-07-04 08:49:34 ET

One of my cats looks like a big fluffy pillow.. old people at my work always complain about prices and ask for discounts on the dumbest things.. but then some are really nice and ask how you're doing and stuff. so i dunno

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