2003-07-03 09:18:59 ET

HEY, YO, stay with me for a second here. I need to get a tattoo IN A WEEK! I have a gift certificate for $50 that expires on my birthday (July 13). I NEED TO DECIDE WHAT TO GET! I'm planning on spending, like, $150. So, if anyone has any idea what I should get, please spill. (I only have one tattoo, and it's homemade, circa 1995 - needless to say, its not too impressive)

The 4th is gonna be unruly madness. Mikah 9 on Friday. It's gonna go off!

Went to a nice little get-together at my homegirl Lisa's house yesterday and got juiced-up. It was fresh. She knows, like, everyone in Fullerton. A lot of scenester kids made cameos. Fucking kids. I mean, they're cool, but it's always like they don't fucking listen or care about what you're trying to say. They just like to stand around and chit-chat about minor things and look good, and they do that very well. I'm always enamored by the beautiful people. They shmooze like professionals.

I really like Lisa. She's fucking cool. I think we were freaking people out 'cause me and Lisa where kinda hugging and lovin' it up and not givin a fuck. Thing is that Lisa is a lesbian. I mean, I wasn't having sex or making out like high-schoolers or nothing. Just some friendly love, ya know? That's how me and Lisa be doin' when we get saucy. We hug and hold each other and it's nothing to be alarmed by. A lot of peeps was getting all crazy with it though. Fuck 'em. They can't handle love. It's like "WAIT A SECOND, LISA'S A LESBIAN, AND IT'S AGAINST THE LAW FOR A LESBIAN TO BE HAVING FUN WITH A BOY!" Whatever. People are too regimented with self-imposed laws. They need to let go.

Anyways, I hope everyone who reads this has a good holiday. Remember to celebrate freedom, 'cause it ain't gonna be around for much longer.

2003-07-04 05:37:07 ET

I'm in Serbia, so hell YES I'm celebrating my freedom...the freedom to get the hell outta 'Dodge' ad it were, heh heh.
I think it's ok to love it up with your friend; people really do need to remove the 100+ suppositories they have crammed in their aces.
I, on the other side of the social coin, have not spent one second with a person close to my age in over a week now; I'm sort of starting to go a little bonkers. Not that I am not having fun with my parents, because I am, it's just that I am highly social and need that sort of hanging-outness in my life. Hopefully soon I will meet some kids.
Happy 4th of July to Daniel and everyone back in the states. If you watch fireworks tonight, have extra fun for me because I love the 4th and I will be missing the excitement.

2003-07-08 03:34:58 ET

Oh, PS
I forgot to mention my ideas for a tattoo
Whatever you choose, make sure it's something that really means something to you. Think through what style you want it in, for tats can range fro realistic depictions to the abstract.
I myself, have 4 tattoos: chinese character for monkey, the California Poppy, the Krebs Cycle and a Glucose molecule. I intend on getting more in the future as well :)
Also, if you need a good place to go, which I'm sure you don't because I'm sure you already know great places in So Cal, I got my poppy in Sand Diego at this tattoo place that is right on the beach in the parking lot-ish area. That beach where the ferris wheel is (I am blanking right now on the name; work is eating my memeory). The guy did a great job :)

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