The 4th of July weekend for the D
2003-07-08 11:05:18 ET

My goodness, what a weekend it has been for Daniel. I'm so happy in my state of unsettled inspirition. I'm gonna put some art shit down right after I write this little tid-bit.

I don't want to say too much about what I've been doing because I'm trying not to jinx or confine or objectify or falsify what's been happening to me and what I'm feeling on the inside. All I can say is that I've met this one girl and I'm totally fucking enamoured by her. I spent all weekend with her and now I'm like 'errrrrrrr.'

Okay, so yeah, really, I'm totally fretting. I'm totally scared. I don't know what to do exactly. I'm just trying to relax and not think of it too much. I need to continue with whatever I was doing previous to this weekend. I need to keep ahead of myself. I need to maintain strength and composure. I need to out run my mind, which right now is moving so fast that it's almost lifting off the ground.

Aside from all this beautiful chaos, I've been doin other shit too. Saw Myka Nyne on the 4th. He was kinda disappointing, but I had fun none-the-less. Went to an amazing museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach. Last night, I saw this movie called "Cremaster Cylce" with my friend Paul. Jesus-fucking-Christ, I have never encountered a movie so fucking bizarre. I mean, y'all know me, I'm down with fucked-up shit, but this was something totally outside of anything I've ever experienced. So far out that I don't even recommend seeing it, unless you're that type that can kick it on 18 hits of LSD and still feel relaxed.

Anyways...sorry for the mushy shit at top. I'm just kinda mixed-up right now. BUT IT'S ALL GOOD!


2003-07-08 11:12:46 ET

thank god im not the only fuckin person freaked out by that cremaster stuff. i cant even look at the advertising they had in the newspaper for it.

ooo much goodness on being happy.

2003-07-08 12:35:24 ET

Seriously, Cremaster is fuckin' tripped out. That whole shit with the synchronized dancers and that one woman under the table and the fuckin' grapes and shit...jesus.

I did like the death metal guys. I liked the gas station scene too, but damn, that shit is way challenging. I'm totally curious as to how such movies recieve funding. Those movies have no commercial viability whatsoever, which totally doesn't matter to me, but where the hell do you come up with a couple million? I think the director probably worshiped satan for, like, 15 years, then the money appeared magically in his bank account.

Thanks. I'll do my best to stay positive.

2003-07-08 12:44:59 ET

those things are freakin scary. so thats how micheal jackson does it.

2003-07-08 13:38:31 ET

The guy who did the Cremaster cycle, Matthew Barney, is the highest funded artist alive today. Some crazy old man is funding him or something along those lines and he is like the Guggenheims darling; he's got they all up on his booty. That were he gets the funding. And that too is one of the reasons I find Cremaster interesting, because it is almost like an anthropological experiment: what would happen if an avant artist got all the money he/she would ever need?
Well that's what happened.
AND he is gettin' it with Bjork.

2003-07-08 15:35:44 ET

with bjork!??! i shouldnt be surprised but i am.

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