2003-07-10 08:39:55 ET

Today I starve. I am in financial debt.
Today I read. I must remedy this mental starvation.
Today I walk. I am without transportation.
Today I talk. Hopefully to this one girl that I dig.
Today I draw. Finish india-inking this one pic.
Today I smile. I smile like the retard I love to be.

OH, wait a sec, my friend gave me a grip of those stamps that you get everytime you get food from Subway, know what I'm sayin? HELLS YEAH! Get my muthafuckin' grub on FO FREE Y'ALL!

Went to another shmoozer last night. That's what I'm gonna call these parties that I like to attend, "SHMOOZERS." That's what ya do. Actually, I met this one great guy from Peru who really loved ABBA. Like, we was gettin' deep on that tip. And we were listening to Guns and Roses. It was cool 'cause we were really appreciating it. SHMOOZERS! Shmoozers are iffy, but seem to have a really good tendency at turning out nice.


I wanna do something fun, but I don't know what. I wanna BBQ on the beach with the drink-drank in the plastic container, know what I mean? We'll see.

I'm happy today. I hope y'allz is too. THURSDAY IN FULL EFFIZAY.

2003-07-11 02:48:38 ET

My life is sort of one big Smoozer right now since I essentilly have to reestablish a life consiting of friends and aquaintences....that I'm sure once I get close to and really begin to enjoy, I will have to turn right around and leave. Whata boner it all is sometimes.
I lubs ABBA. I'm glad you talked it up with a guy who did too.
BBQ on the beach with beverage in a plastic container makes me happy...it makes me realize how much I iss the good ol Golden State :(
Oh, nd of course my thoughts on your birthday are HAPPY MUTHAFUCKIN UPCOMING BIRTHDAY! I will grace you with the obligatory Happy Birthday entry as I do all of my sk.net friends :)

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