2003-07-12 21:56:37 ET

I got a tattoo. Label me thine bitch if you must, but I got my CANCER sun sign on my back. At the latest shmoozer, me and my boy J.Mills was talkin' at length about the significance of the '69.' He views it as one side being 'love' and the other 'will.' I liked that idea. I also like the idea that, no matter what, I will be a CANCER, therefore, this tattoo will never grow to be outdated. It's on my back, right between the center of my shoulder blades.

I fucking love getting tattoos. I love the, and I quote, "PAIN." Like, it felt so fucking good! I loved the deliberate, constant discomfort. It really helped my mind relax. Aside from the endorphins that were no doubt kicking in to try to alleve the pain, there was this beautiful meditative quality that superceded. It's seems like pleasure blossoms your imagination and takes you outside of yourself, whereas pain refocuses and concentrates you onto strictly empirical perception and keeps you right where you are. Both have benefits.

Anyways, my life is good right now. I'm okay. Life has a very nice smell at the moment.

2003-07-23 12:42:30 ET

good taste in music. Autechre = thumbs up

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