Animal Crackers
2005-09-10 07:21:21 ET

the simplest things always make me smile. today i saw a box of Barnum's Animals animal crackers on the shelf of Stop and Shop. you think, yeah, sure, nothing out of the ordinary. but, must i say, they spoke to me. those poor shrunken edible animals cried out from inside of their red cardboard box and screamed "megan! buy us! buy us!" i stuck my chapped hands inside of the pockets of my jeans. i had exactally $2.96. the aminal crackers cost $1.96. rejoiced, i left the crackers on the convayer belt. they started their journey down the matte black road. recounting my money, i realized that i only had $1.96 in my hand! my beloved animal crackers would have to be abandoned. i searched each pocket of my jeans. their bodies pulled inside out and backwards, but still, my hand lay cold with about $0.50 too short. "damn sales tax" i mutterd to myself. sadly, i reached out for the gleaming box of circus animals. aghast! i have the money! i sprang down upon one knee and lifted the leg of my worn jeans. revealied were a pair of grey kangaroos - the kind with the pockets. i unzipped the pocket of my left shoe and my heart collapsed after my cold fingers felt nothing inside. quickly i shifted my weight without bothering to zipper my shoe pocket or pull down my pant leg. as i had done with the first shoe, i lifted the pant leg and unzipped. i held my breath as my fingers penetrated the seam. "yes!" i rejoiced as i pulled out two shiney quarters. placing then face up in my palm, the mini George Washingtons smiled at me. "that will be $2.06 please." i handed the casheir my money. bravely i added, "keep the change" and took my new snack from the man in the green vest. i had a bounce in my step as i walked out the door. despite the fact that my pant legs were still rolled up and my shoes unzipped, i had those animals, and nobody was going to threaten my chance of happiness again.

2005-09-10 11:35:00 ET

::gives you all her loose change::
buy more!!!!!

2005-09-10 12:01:06 ET

yay!!! *runs into store* **buys out stock of animal crackers*

2005-09-10 20:19:56 ET

Have you ever wondered why the monkey is the only animal in that box with pants on?

All the other ones are naked in there.

2005-09-11 06:01:02 ET

animal crackers make life sweet.... or stale.. seeing as once i had a similar situation, and they were all stale and terrible

2005-09-11 07:31:29 ET

if you dip them in milk while they are stale you cant even notice it!!

2005-09-11 07:41:54 ET

so um. did you eat them... 0.0

2005-09-11 07:42:40 ET

who me? if so...
heck yeah... i ate them like cereal! yumm

2005-09-11 07:43:12 ET

no no... decadent. she bought them.. but to free them? or eat them.

2005-09-11 13:16:01 ET

i ate them >.< they were just too good to pass up! <BR>


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