people from oceanside hs?
2005-09-12 12:06:48 ET

i am looking for someone who goes to oceanside highschool. if you do or if someone you know does, please let me know!!!! ill explain stuff to you if you need to know. lol. thx so much guys!


2005-09-12 13:41:14 ET

i would help you out buuuuut i dont know where that im sorry =p

2005-09-12 14:48:16 ET

i guess it's an "inside thing", heh.

2005-09-12 15:07:36 ET

You're in SoCal? I didn't know that...

2005-09-12 15:13:07 ET

im in NY :-)

2005-09-12 15:14:55 ET

Okay... now I'm confuzzelled... why are you trying to find out about Oceanside?

2005-09-12 15:40:49 ET

bc there is an oceanside in NY as well.

2005-09-12 15:41:26 ET

I knew that dagnabit!

Oh, wait... no I didn't.

2005-09-12 16:02:26 ET


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