shit on a stick    2002-08-07 05:30:42 ET
I went to school wiht tiffany and was captured into white slavery by her mother.. so in other words i had to do bitch work helping her setup shit in her classroom for next year .. anyway while she was away we went skating.. and no not was the coolest .. on the slick ground you can go so fast..its geat..anyway so we go downstairs for somereason and the cafeteria is completely empty(no chairs or tables) soo i say awsome and start skating .. skating for like 10 min pick up my board to go sit down adn i hear a voice..."now i know your not skateboarding on these floors".. and me beingfunny i jokingly pointed to tiffany
blaming he for everything..anyway she let me go with no punishment..(weeehhhhhww) so were hangin out in the band room a(there i band camp...snicker) and i walk in and i hear "Hi Allen!!!!!" from like 60 people and i just turned around in a circle cuase it totally surprised me and i was guessing they were saying alex and i looked for him.. but itwas me .. i had random girls coming up and hugging me ... wow.. i finally realized who they were but wow i was surprised..yeah so off to do more bitch work up stairs.. so i get to the top of the stairsand tiffa's moms room is like 30 feet so i put my board down and start to push ..tiffn already had walked in the room .. she didnt warn me ..ayway.. i saw a teacher and i had the look of "shit" and i huredly turned into her moms room and standing right there is the head janitor and new assistant princible were standng in the room taking to her mom.. and all i could say was ..."shit" so he shook my hand and introduced himself and the bastard wouldnt let me go..i had the look of terror cuz i like my skateboard. and he was ike never gunna see things like this again right ...???and i dumbly said..uuuhhhh yeah he let mo go and left...bastard..hah school hasnt even started and i got n trouble and talked to a administrator..but well thats the firsttime ive been talked to for something bad ive actually done since like the 4th grade.. so i think thats pretty good. well bye bye bye bon

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