Goddamnit!!!!!!!!!!! Goddamnit!!!!!!! Goddamnit!!!!!!!!
2002-07-20 21:23:45 ET

Well tiffa was right all along i was imply in denial..... I'm Fucing Emo....i like the thrift look ... if i had the money id have like 4 pairs of all stars ... and i write love poetry and dwell on stupid shit ... Goddamnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2002-07-20 21:35:35 ET

emo kid!!! oh well, you'll live, and maybe get some chicks in the process

2002-07-20 21:41:43 ET

really ... i need a girlfriend... damnit

2002-07-20 21:42:58 ET

emo away my friend

2002-07-21 12:20:16 ET

see... these people can help.... I think.

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