I found the Coolest new Band
2002-07-20 21:54:37 ET

The Used ... they are fuckin cool ... and i guess I'll admit i think they are Screamo ... damn that girl and her being right

2002-07-20 22:11:56 ET

poison the well eh? not many people like them. I have only one hardcore friend who babbles about them nonstop. kewlness

2002-07-21 04:31:29 ET

poison the well kicks ass.......but i'll admit, the singer sounds like Fallon lol.....everyone says he screams like he sounds like a girl......but yeah i like the used just a lil, they are scremo

2002-07-21 07:55:40 ET

Well yeah ... i love poison the well as well as the used .. so yeah ... screamo's cool

2002-07-25 07:12:27 ET

used and PTW are not screamo.

2002-07-25 07:17:33 ET

oik then ... be there a category for those two bands...??
I dont care where just far... away

2002-07-25 07:18:02 ET

PTW is crap hardcore/nu-metal

USED is emo-ish. maybe.

2002-07-25 07:19:15 ET

what ... poison the well is not crap ... im totally offended *tears welling up*

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