I just saw the Coolest Concert of my life!!!!!!
2002-07-21 22:23:41 ET

I just saw ...... yep... MOther FUckin... TOOL... most amzing show i havee ever seen... the vibe was so awsome.. THy satrted with "Sober" and ended with "Lateralus".. i cant talk now .. but thats ok cuz he told us to go have sex tonight .. nd damnit i need sme sex... bye bye bey bon

2002-07-21 23:17:29 ET

Heh, yeah, I saw that tonight too. They fucking rocked. "In the meantime, everyone go home and have sex." Hah, Maynard rocks

2002-07-22 07:48:24 ET

It was great huh... maynerd being all blue and in his undies while adam and justin just sat ad rocke out the whole 2 hours!!!!!TTTTTOOOOOOOLLLLLL

2002-07-24 19:02:55 ET

I am listening to TOOL, and wanting to cry cuz I cant turn it up and scream "suck" and o yeah.. you suck no more concerts wihout me for you
Im gonna do everything in my power to keep you from ozzfest

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