im so in....
2006-02-06 03:20:37 ET


2006-02-07 15:20:34 ET

good!!!! who is the lucky lady?

2006-02-07 17:24:54 ET

JESSICA, she is on my background, give some uper sweet kisses

2006-02-09 19:50:53 ET

she's very very cute!!

2006-02-10 11:39:40 ET

yes she is. she is gourgeous, and special, and amazing, and loves dragonforce more than i do, and by definition makes her fucking LEGENDARY. I love that girl so much.

2006-02-14 18:45:22 ET

well you're a lucky man
and she's a lucky lady!
im happy for you.

2006-02-16 14:45:11 ET

Thank you sweetheart

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