Holy Shit it Just Occured to Me
2002-07-23 21:54:48 ET

well ive just figured out my problem of why ive been so lazyand bored ... its a deppression... see over spring break i had nothing o do and i put a blanket over my window so no light could come i and i sat around waiting fora phone call from the infamous star and she didnt call so i just started reading and staying in my room all day only emerging to piss eat and clean meanwhile becoin horribly depressed and it really suckd until i finally took down the blanket and i felt incredibly better just by doing s ... and again ive put the blanket up but my depression is not as near as serious this time but it still kinda sucks...a dn to do the window thingy i have to be horribly depressed... so ill just have to be a bit bored and a whiney fuckin bitch until school starts i know its wierd but school is like one of the only things that can bring me out of a depression... i guess its the social interaction wel its school or some sweet lovin witch isnt going very well at the moment ... bye bye bye bon

2002-07-25 06:59:21 ET

why the hell did you put the blanket back up if it makes you depressed. are you trying to be depressed?

2002-07-25 07:05:34 ET

no its jsut i sleep better on it and i thought it wouldnt depress me but it did... bye bye bye bon

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