"We a Laying like lions out in the sand"
2006-04-24 22:24:31 ET

In two weeks i start another huge chapter in my life. Today i got the final confirmation on my apartment back in the springs with mike and jessica. In less than two weeks i will be moving back to the springs, with not only one of my greatest freinds, but with my greatest love. The only relationship that has been truely successful. As excited as i am, i am still very scarred of what may come. but i really do love her. On another note, the new Brand New Demos are AMAZING. I am tempted to say that they will have a career comparable to the beatles.
SOUND: Brand New- Demos treack 3 (Im calling it lions in the sand)


2006-04-24 22:38:59 ET

what a lucky girl to have somone love her that much.

2006-04-25 03:12:02 ET

aww so cute. its good to see that you are happy in love.

2006-04-25 06:29:36 ET

cute! what apartements are you guys going to be at? I'm jealous, I'm living with my mom this summer. and I want those damn demos!!!

2006-04-25 14:02:34 ET

ill hook it up soon. we are living in aspen ridge apartments, they are like 100 yards east of chapel hills mall. there are some apartments right across the street, and are apartments are right behind them. they are SO TIGHT.
Peep the pictures of them

2006-04-25 16:12:23 ET

tight dude, I think those are the ones right behind where my grandma used to live. are you not going back up to greeley next year, or is this just for the summer?

2006-04-25 16:51:30 ET

no imma go to uccs, i cant stand this town

2006-04-26 07:40:41 ET

that's cool. I thought you were digging UNC, I am so out of the loop.

2006-04-26 07:41:03 ET

2006-05-29 18:07:06 ET

man thats so great, im happy for you man.

2006-05-29 18:07:34 ET

and that appt is looking real fresh homie!

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