Well I Love the Deftones
2002-07-25 06:59:12 ET

yeah as everyone has probobly figured out i love the deftones... but that is beside the point because i'm attempting to please a certain lady by posting ... oh yeah i took the blanket down from my window and i feel like a normal functional member of society... I'm gunna go to school today and see tiffany(her mom is a teache) and im gunna skate down the hallways.. it will be the coolest... actually i think there waxing the floors so i ca just run and slide.. ill proboly fall and break my ass ....
bye bye bye bon

"I watched you change.... Into a Fly"

2002-07-25 07:02:10 ET

does you keyboard not work or do you just not know how to type because you always skip letters.

2002-07-25 07:11:32 ET

well my keyboard is not the greatewst so when i type fast sometims the keys dont get pushed down all the way sooo ... yeah
bye bye bye bon

no one can see new life break away

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