Knife Party
2002-07-25 07:27:17 ET

my knife its sharp and chrome
come see inside my bones
all of the fiends are on the block
i'm the new king
i taste the queen
in here we are all anemic
in here anemic and sweet
so go get your knife
and come in
so go get your knife
and lay down
so go get your knife..
and kiss me
i can float here forever
in this room we cant touch
the floor in here
we're all anemic
in here anemica nd so

2002-07-25 07:34:05 ET

my knife is plastic and squeaky.

2002-07-25 07:42:21 ET

really cool .. i have a rubber Squeaky duck ... not really but i wish i did
you walk up to her and ask he to dance ... she says hey bayb i jus my take the chance

2002-07-25 07:51:27 ET

before you start spewing poetry learn how to type.

2002-07-25 07:55:04 ET

hah this wasnt mine.. i know how o typ i just like to typefaily fast and dont like to correct mistakes

2002-07-25 08:03:21 ET

don't plagerize. no one will ever trust you again.

2002-07-25 08:06:37 ET

i as simply sharng the great poetry and power of CHino

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