what and the bloody ridiculous fuck
2002-07-26 08:13:11 ET

This si luicris... nobody i know has posted and it's not funn cuz... yeah .. i hae no life anymore.. this site has pulled me in its tractor beam and i cant leave .. but nobody has posted and im so bored .. Godddamnit

you are the perfect drug.. the perfect drug... the perfect drug

2002-07-26 08:23:37 ET

Bored eeh?Me also

2002-07-26 08:25:50 ET

well i guess that be the way it be goin

2002-07-26 08:33:28 ET


2002-07-26 09:38:18 ET

wah happen to mah bebe Jasamine? where she go? :(

2002-07-26 10:42:44 ET

who's jasmine ??poed??

2002-07-26 16:57:58 ET


2002-07-26 17:27:43 ET

ooh coolbeans

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