New shoes...
2002-07-26 16:37:58 ET

I got two new pairs of Chucks today ... yaaaay .. im totally chinoed out .. im so happy

your my girl and thats all right...if you stay i wont mind

2002-07-26 16:59:43 ET

hehe,i love deftones, you love deftones, i say we love each other, deal?

God i'll even lick her fucking picture, in whole, drinks won't stain this birth

2002-07-26 17:26:29 ET

yes i agree highly ... a common bond...

Its not that i care .. truly .. and to that girl wiht sharp teeth

2002-07-26 17:33:52 ET

pushed back to square
now that you've kneed her
in the throat
well there you go

2002-07-26 17:40:42 ET

cuz back in school we are the leaders ... of it all .. so transpose and stop your life

2002-07-26 18:07:06 ET

all you are is meat to me...... so pass the flask

2002-07-26 18:12:05 ET

well im gunna bust it old school style...

Here me spit .. on you .. wether i remold into goldand bury me in the sun

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