im in a writing mood so dont laugh
2002-07-26 20:40:17 ET

far away

Perfection.. niether here nor there
not near .. only far
it cant be found, but still i look

floating here i feel my pulse
floating here yours is gone
warmth next to me fading
perfection gone, out of site

why must it leave
why cant it stay
my love wont run
my love wont fade

all above, and one down here
all so beutiful, none are mine
taken away, but not from me
given to him, but not for free

leaving his grasp, her love fades away
my love up close, but simply at bay

2002-07-26 21:21:38 ET

cool, cool. very deep. i dig.

2002-07-27 09:40:53 ET

why thank .. you .. ithuht it ws crap .. my other stuff is mch better but ihv to steal it awayfrom ... the star

2002-07-27 11:48:40 ET

nah, i dont think its crap, its quite good. all poetry,songs, art, etc, can express alot if you look at it close enough. keep writing, and doing what comes natural and you will eventually gain an audiance.

2002-07-27 13:37:32 ET

ah hah vundebah ..

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