I really like this song
2002-07-28 09:28:50 ET

dont get me wrong i cant stand disturbed.. but i really like the queen of the damned song the singer guy sang... maybe cuz jonathan davis wrote it...hmmmmmmmmmmm.. oh yeah i went over to tiffa's house yesterday .. and she showed me her boots and boot outfit.. ad it went from normally lookin fine to .. god damn fine... i wanted to sex her .. and i feel a bit odd saying this here cuz she is probobly going to read it and be like...Whhhhaaaatttt..oh and my om thought we were doing bad things.. wich we werent..it did crss my ind though.. well thats enough embarassmnt for one day... bye bye bye bon

i can not be forsaken... because im not the only one ... we walk amongst you feeding raping... must we hide from everyone...

2002-07-28 09:29:19 ET

disturbed sucks. alot.

2002-07-28 09:32:56 ET

dont they

2002-07-28 09:41:21 ET

awww how clever, first you say you hate a band that you KNOW I like.....and then you rebound with how awesome I looked...hmmm

2002-07-28 09:46:08 ET

you like disturbed.. i was unaware.. or i probobly forgot .. but you knowq i dotforget inportant things..

Iget boreddddd........

2002-07-28 09:47:26 ET


2002-07-28 12:13:44 ET

heh....sex it up baby!

2002-12-29 14:50:41 ET


2002-12-29 14:50:54 ET

hmmm....an allen fucking a tiffany...odd sight to see

2002-12-29 16:24:06 ET

no .. its about sweet love right down by the fire.... dah

2002-12-29 16:25:09 ET

no, its still fucked up crazy ass shit

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