im kinda
2007-05-25 01:15:33 ET

into this girl

Def got blocked a few times by people coming outside. I just hope she thinks me being timid and shy is as cute tommorrow as she thought it was tonight.
honest, is the picture thing kind of creepy.
SOUND: Hit the Lights- Hidden Track

2007-05-25 02:43:22 ET

g'luck man

2007-05-25 11:16:56 ET

she's really really cute!!!!

haha sweet jacket too.

good luck.

2007-05-25 11:17:16 ET

p.s. i love that she has freckles. it just gives a beautiful innocense to a girl.

2007-05-25 19:10:59 ET

im all about her freckles.... SERIOUSLY. oh and thanks on the jacket.... i mean i do sell clothes for a living. I GOTTA STAY FLY!

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