my ideal woman
2002-07-29 11:16:51 ET

Emo glasses
highwater dickies preferably of some dark color
Band shirtpreforably Deftones/GlassJAw/=W=eezer
Coverse All-Stars
Hair of some unatural color
really nice and loves music.....
dream woman where are you ... will you be mine ??

2002-07-29 11:25:54 ET

hmm...guess its not me.

nearly perfect vision.
black dickies are close, but not high waters.
band shirts, but none of those bands, although a weezer one would be nice.
no converses to speak of, mother dearest threw them away and i have no funding to buy new ones.
working on the unnatural hair color, mother dearest again interferes.
nice? probably not.

so i suppose the only thing i fit there is loving music.
go me.

*shrugs* oh well.

2002-07-29 11:30:06 ET

dickies makes highwaters? and are they tight?
mm i dont give a shit if their 4 girls this may mean i wont have
to cut my pant off any more or take them in : D

2002-07-29 12:15:20 ET

anyway well that is jsut an outline ... it doesnt need to be exsact ... wow i thought i would get no replies

2002-08-01 12:24:25 ET

i wear black dickies, no emo glasses i'm not into the emo thing,Deftones shirts yes, chuckies of course,hair not unatural, blah, i lov3 music, but i can be a bitch lmao

2002-08-01 14:51:03 ET

oh well cool .. if you only lived in my state and likd men ... damnit damnit damnit

2003-08-05 06:12:08 ET

actually its funny the reall girl i was describing in this post in now good friends with me...hahahaha

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