by the way i am on cloud FUCKING nine
2007-05-26 23:43:43 ET

"Why are you embarrassed"
"Its so hard to say.... I like you"
"come here girl"
*make out sess begins*

the spring ended with a broken relationship with no chance of repair, and the summer begins with a fling in the midst of being healed. I am very proud of myself. I did not move to fast. Third date, come the professing of likes, and the kiss. I did NOt want to have sex. Well i wanted to, it was a possibility, but i was responsible, and cut it off before it got out of hand.I have work in the morning, she has a wedding to photograph. I was the bigger person that said. " i would love to make out all night, and fall asleep together, and be cute" but "you have shit to do tommorow. this WILL be continued".
through all the super cute stuff, i really like this girl, and am going to see where it takes me for a while.
On a similar note, i realized today, long before any of the important events transpired (actually while eating with my mom) that i am through the worst of the jessica noise. I am over her, she was bad to me, and for me. I AM STRONGER AND A BETTER PERSON WITH OUT HER! It feels so good to say that!
I am fucking stoked on tonight. First kisses are always the best!!!!
SOUND: The Get Up Kids- Close to Home
EDIT: Im hypes on Life

2007-05-27 06:11:33 ET

did you make out with freckles?
im happy for ya!
you've got to be one of the sweetest guys ever.

2007-05-27 06:17:11 ET

p.s. I saw in your pictures you with a full blown chaos shirt. is it the pink one? I should show you the picture of my husband and a huge group of his friends alllllll rockin that shirt. Everyone around here LOVES them.

2007-05-27 06:20:51 ET

yay! thats awesome.

2007-05-27 07:23:26 ET

it is the freckles girl, and she was looking so gorgeous. I try, to be sweet, but sometimes it just gets waisted. Im not suave, im charming as fuck. Oh and yeah it was FBC shirt. They play like 4253254352323 times a year and denver. Not that much in love with them, just seen them SOOOO many times. Easier to buy a shirt at a show than do more laundry

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