Hangouts and makeouts
2007-06-01 06:37:50 ET

so things between sarah and i are still way rad. I really do like her, and i know she likes me too, its cute as fuck. That is one thing i am really stoked about, she is probobly one of the best looking girls ive ever started any kind of fling/relationship with, and it is kind of exhilirating. Last night was a bit wierd though. We are not yet at the point of holding hands or making out in front of people, or even having that much of a connection in front of our friends, and i am coming to find out that, EVERYONE of my friends wants her. So last night after the arcade and drinking mate, we went to this edward 40 hands party, and when she was trying to score a 40, all i noticed was all my friends oogling the fuck out of her. I was kind of dumb and was getting jealous, which is the silliest thing ever. I mean, we are not really dating yet, and its not my business what she decides...... i was good and didnt act up, but it did trip me out. I guess i am male and ultre-territorial. I am pretty happy that i have yet to have or even try to have sex with her. Over a week with a new girl is a challenge. In fact has been shot out of my list of priorities when i am with her, or even thinking about her, and this makes me feel 10 times better about myself. I mean dont get me wrong, i would LOVE to, but i am also excited to be taking things slowly, and not be all horn dog. It is cute when she gets a little drunk and gets embarrassed that im sober and that i wont like her for it anymore. She doesnt know the half of it, i just spent a year and a half with a girl that puked on me, so anything she does wont even phase me. THIS GIRL AS AMAZING!!!
SOUND: Blink 182- Stockholm Sydrome

2007-06-01 09:30:59 ET

it's normal to get jealous.

josh is probably the most jealous person i have ever met but he's great.

you two seem to be doing everything right and taking everything in stride. im happy for you and i think that this will go some where i really do.

2007-06-01 11:42:04 ET

jeuh :]

2007-06-01 15:26:37 ET

jealousy can be adorable.

2007-06-01 17:21:20 ET

hahahah if your dumb ie me

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