This is where i belong
2007-06-10 07:49:37 ET

so i went to great show lastnight. It was a house show in my homeboy chazs huge garage, like 12 bands played, and admission was 3 cans of food. It was wild, because there were all these kids i have never seen in the hardcore scene, which is cool i guess, but i just have no idea why they dont ever come to sox place.... probably because they are scarred.... dorks. anyway it was kind of rad becasue war of ages a HUGE band decided to show up and play. i mean im not a huge fan, but they had some real shit to say and they played very well. We raged the fuck out of that place, and the whole energy of the show was like nothing else ive seen in a long time. By the way i am a little dissapointed with sarah. she had expressed she kind of wanted to go, so when i tried to get a hold of her yesterday at 3, she informs me she is playing quarters... at 3 in the afternoon! I got a bit bitter. Too wasted to go, what a waste of time. WHATEVER. She is trying to apologize and im doing my best not to lecture her.
SOUND: Loved Ones-Player Hater Anthem
EDIT: I got kicked in the ribs lastnight and its hard to breath. Also the backseat of my car sleep surprisingly well!

2007-06-10 08:13:59 ET

when you don't drink, it's really hard to be with someone who does. like I don't really drink anymore. and if Josh gets drunk or drinks, it causes a lot of problems. I'm sorry that she didn't go but I think it's awesome you had such a good time and so many bands showed up for a food drive and the cops didn't come and ruin it. So you know it was awesome. I'm sorry you got kicked in the ribs. that sucks.

p.s. where do you work at?

2007-06-10 08:20:22 ET

i work at sears and zumiez.. i know i rule, oh and the drinking thing, i just kived with a girl for a year and a hlf who drank, so i do know the drill, doesnt mean it doesnt dissapoint

2007-06-10 08:22:14 ET

very true.

sears. is that a fun job? and what's zumiez?

2007-06-11 05:20:22 ET

it can be, i love sales, but my store is either really cool or super lame. I transfer to a new store soon so hopefully it will be rad up in denver too. Oh and Zumiez is a skate shop, it is a rather huge corporate skate shop, but a fun place to work (most of the time) all the same. Where do you work??

2007-06-11 10:34:38 ET

I work for MAC cosmetics. I'm a make up artist. I love it.

2007-06-11 14:40:03 ET

and im sure you are the envy of every girl that has ever walked through your mall.

2007-06-11 20:38:30 ET

haha we're like mini celebrities. j/k

but i looovvveee my job.

2007-06-11 20:59:42 ET

i know you are, no need for j/k, thats what it is like at zumiez. I was at a party in denver, and there were kids there that knew my name and my tattoos, who i had never ever met in my life! AWKWARD!!!!

2007-06-12 12:38:19 ET

Its sad to say this but I worked at Hot Topic for 2 years. It was like that when I went out and about. and my last name was on my name tag befcause that's what my friends called me, to this day, everyone calls me coats and has to ask what my real name is.

2007-06-12 14:32:33 ET

hahahaha thats rad, (oh and id wouldnt mind working at ht) but the problem is, i dont even wear a name tag at zumiez!!!

2007-06-12 23:41:32 ET

hot topic is actually SUPER strict. like the one here is atleast and the district here. it's insane how strict they are and how things always have to be to "Hot Topic" standard. I also hate all the pressure MAC puts on us about goals. They say to spend atleast an hour on your own make up, but to only spend 20 on the customer but make it look realy really nice and say all of this stuff and do all of this stuff, and then it's like don't pressure them and just work on education and a good experience but if you don't make your productivity you get fired. There have been a few times on my shift where I'll work alone and 2 or 3 hours will go by without one person so much as walking up. I hate that I could get fired for that.

2007-06-13 07:49:59 ET

HARSH AS FUCK, i know. I have a few friends that work at HT, the district they are in is lame, so there is no strictness. But i understand the goals problem. Allen, we need 1000 before close, and you must have 15% Extended warranty...... no one comes in, and i dont seel anything with a warranty.... just kinds bites

2007-06-13 16:43:12 ET

I wanna send them a video and just be like what do you want me to do? What happens when you mulitply how much money I made by the 0 customers? Like today, I tried so hard, I went an hour and a half without anyone walking up.

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