2007-06-14 22:19:38 ET

so i have decided that sarah is nothing but a headache, and kind of a triflin bitch. Always so secretive, plays dumb, but definatly knows when she has wronged somebody, ie this morning her asking eric if i was talking shit (yes i was) immediatly tells me that i had reason and she knew it, TRIFFLIN. Not even worried about this broad anymore, done with it. met a radical girl named maggie today, we went and unloaded shit at my new place, and i almost went to utah with her, which would have been sick as fuck. Road trip with a new friend of a friend. Learning so much about a persona and so spontaneously. I think good things could come out of this, if nothing else, a good friendship.
SOUND: Paul Oakenfold- Casa Flava

2007-06-15 08:11:51 ET

are you moving in to the dollhouse?

2007-06-15 08:48:50 ET

FUCK NO. i love all of those kids to death, but i shower on a regular basis, and like to relax most of the time. I got a house with the singer of hands up and this girl from wyoming, shits sick

2007-06-15 10:28:26 ET

dope, i couldn't really imagine you living there, but I figured I'd ask anyways. where in d town is your place?

2007-06-15 11:06:01 ET

16th and julian right off of colfax west of federal

2007-06-15 15:09:17 ET

that's rad dude, I'm kinda jealous. Randy finally got his own place on havana so at least I get to go up there whenever.

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