Sorry about my constant hiatuses
2007-07-26 21:22:29 ET

but yeah i am moved in at my house in denver, and i couldnt be happier, but i dont have internet, and i never check this on my sidekick. We have a lot to catch up on. I am actually able to ride my bike everywhere which r00les, and have an intellectually stimulating roomate (not jsut one, but one in particular) and i have been going to a LOT of shows, and not paying for many of them.
First and foremost, my roomates and i and fat chris drove all the way from denver to Kansas City, to go to landlocked fest (huge hardcore show) Saw Cold World who never tours, and a bunch of epic ass bands. Rediculous drive, but so worth it. Came back and went to my third humpday fest in a row at sox place in denver(the best venue in the west. It may have been the best weekends i have had in a long long time.
Last night i went and saw casey jones and the warriors in denver, got in free. Little bit of fight since it wasnt at sox, but nothing serious. but tonight was the kicker. So i came down to the springs to see my moms and what not and decide to go to the show that i saw the night before in denver, my friends are working the door so i dont pay again. bunch of firend where there so i was feeling good, but this one fuckin fruit during the warriors kept on kicking back at kids, and hauling off and pshing kids for no reason, he obviously knew nothing about the music he was listening to, other wise he would have know he may be getting shoved a bit if you are standing right at the front. But while i was ragin, i knocked him a few times, and he turned around. I saw him raise his elbow, and before he or even i knew, i was standing tall from the crouch and had his neck in my left hand and had already decked him 4 times, so i hit him three or four more times, and screamed at him, "dont ever think about swinging on me you fuckin asshole" and then i got pulled outside, and let back in. Like i feel good about it because the kid deserved it, but at the same time, fights always bum me out.aaaaaaaahhhhhh
SOUND: the get up kids- Walking on a wire
EDIT: tour i was going on got cancelled :-( and i saw the flavor of the week tonight, and im into her!!!!

2007-07-27 06:58:17 ET

you should have found a way to tell me you were going to Landlock! Josh and I were sooo gonna go and then last minute decided to stay home (He had a killlller toothache and we ended up going to the dentist for a root canal) but seriously, we wanted to go. I'm glad you had a good time. All of my friends were there. I heard it was awesome. Fights are always lame!

2007-07-28 08:04:54 ET

EY MAN! keep it posi!!!!!

aafhasdfajksfd ahahahaha, SIKE SIKE, triple sike.

mr negative youth over here :D i like it

2007-08-04 10:22:43 ET

hahahaha negative youth, that is me all the way, NOOCH. But yeah i honestly had no idea i was going to landlock fest till literally the afternoon before, and we left that morning so, no way to really inform anyone, shit was nuts!

2007-08-06 10:07:25 ET

damn i kinda wish i would have went! it would have been rad to see ya. we were SUPER strapped for cash at that time though. lame.

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