My mind is all over the place right now.
2007-08-07 09:00:10 ET

Call centers are the worst! I was just thinking, I have been on SK for a very long time. I mean I was a freshman in high school when I began. What a strange and ever changing journey. I don't know, I'm just in a very contemplative mood as of right now. It may have something to do with working in a place that is completely devoid of any stimulation. I hate to keep dwelling on how I may be into a girl, as I always seem to do, but I can't wait for doralese to come back to denver..... have heart is playing tonight, and I couldn't be more excited, they are a band that says everything I feel at this point in my life, and they sound amazing as well. I truely am scatterbrained as of right now. I keep remembering fall is right around the corner, and can not wait, it is my favorite season, and ever since high school makes me want to fall in love. I am so completely relaxed, but must go back into work in a few moments, I am very not happy.
SOUND: Imogen Heap- Closing In

2007-08-07 17:33:51 ET

meh i'm fine witht he call center i work at. but they dont realise its a lot worse at some other ones where they due a huge roll over at the end of the month.

2007-08-09 18:56:05 ET


haha, i feel ya on the women situations homie, it seems like im into one one min then the next im not. dont trip though man, im sure when the right one comes you'll know.

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