didnt get to go to the show
2007-08-29 19:17:09 ET

at 345 that day i got a call from the staffing company that i work for, informing me that i got the job at photobucket, and that i needed to be at photobucket at 415, and needless to say, i was across town. Luckily i made it, but shit, it was close. So in otherwords, hide your naughty pictures becasue i am officially a content moderator for Photobucket.com. Reall all i do is search through thousands of images looking for images that violate terms of service. Its good pay, good hours, beautiful building, like 6 blocks from school, i have 6 other friends working there, and i get to listen to my headphones all day. Im getting paid to listen to music, and look at porn. Im not really into porn, but it sounds cool! I also get to see the most repugnant things ive ever seen, but its cool, its only a click away from being tossed off the server. I am just really happy with life right now, i am loving school, i have a good job, good hangouts, and i am really getting into dora. i mean i still dont know where it will go, but i am still enjoying hangouts with her.
SOUND: Motion City Soundtrack- AOK


I love this picture, i ruin lives!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH funniest thing ive seen at work so far!

2007-08-30 04:00:12 ET

"i'm not really into porn"

....common buddy....COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMON buddy.

i know some guys arent into it as much as the next guy..but COOOOOOOOOOMMMON


damn sounds like a sweet job.

2007-08-30 08:20:51 ET

like hey, im not going to frown when i have a pair of boobies on my screen, but i dont own any porn, and i rarely look at/watch porn, and by rarely im talking like 2-4 times a month

2007-08-30 16:57:49 ET

damnit i want that job

2007-08-30 18:28:15 ET

that sounds like such a bad ass job.

2007-08-30 22:33:17 ET

"im not going to frown when i have a pair of boobies on my screen"


hilarious. kudos to the keen job though.

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