hi hi hi
2002-07-31 01:00:58 ET

hi hi hi .. the famous boob and meagan are here at my humble aboudd.... buttsex anyone....anyway yeah ...they like to say horribly provacative..a nd well i lov them... they need to move into my house...they are so fun... she is making us masage her .. and its really cool .... i think im gunna see jessica tommorow .. i think im gunna try and ex her ... but proboly not though..well bye bye bye bon

2002-07-31 02:07:34 ET


2002-07-31 10:39:31 ET

cry. no megan and bob for me.... cuz I suck

2002-07-31 17:07:06 ET

good god woman .. its just dani and jessica who dont like you silly goose

2002-07-31 23:51:23 ET

im gettin all butt hurt that no one commented on my comment...

2002-08-01 07:53:04 ET

sorry ... butt sex

2002-08-01 12:21:58 ET


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