Tiffa says im a horrible person
2002-08-01 12:08:44 ET

me and tiffa just watched The Wall... one of my favoritemovies..it was so cool cuz my room is all shagadelic.. and yeah... uuhhhhhh i need tea.. tea is good.... well kids have a fine day... were gunna watch not another teen movie..

2002-08-01 18:27:07 ET

not another teen movie....heh...I like that one...its nifty

2002-08-02 21:26:18 ET

isnt it

2002-08-03 08:06:44 ET

tis great

2002-08-03 10:11:54 ET

hey i say nifty

2002-08-03 10:12:52 ET

nifty nifty nifty nifty nifty.....sorry I'm bored.

2002-08-03 10:13:23 ET

lol... the beans are now cooled down

2002-08-03 10:13:54 ET


2002-08-03 15:54:56 ET

and you know it cuzim so sexy

2002-08-04 08:37:01 ET

oh yes...you sexy sexy bitch

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