Poison The mutha fuckin Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2002-08-02 21:36:44 ET

Yeah i just saw poison the well...!!!! all i have to say is .. better than TOOL... Me and matt got to meet the whole band and go in there trailer... i have pics ill post later...i got a stick and its signed by the whole band ..!!!!!!!! And during the song "Artists rendering of me " He held the mic to me and i got to sing...well scream..."I could never swallow your false ideals of a lifeless happy ending".. and it was so awsome ... i am so stoked..... the whole band was realy cool ... me matt and the singer were just sittin tere shootin the breeze.. and he is the one that told us to knock on the trailer to get the final signature... and he was just like .. "come in "
ao we went in and took even morepics..(that i will post later) he seemed as excited as we were... and was so gratefull for the support nd love wegave.... so excte.. bye bye bye bon

2002-08-03 07:41:50 ET

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, kick fuckin ass, i wanna see pics mahn!!!

2002-08-03 10:12:48 ET

you will... yes you will

2002-08-04 08:57:58 ET

OMG!!!!! you got to go into the trailer??? you suck!!! grrrrr

o well... I got to go while I was grounded.... matt and nick are having sex.... matt is NOT to call my father sir ever again

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