great fun
2002-08-05 19:18:27 ET

Im so fuckingbored and im ina pissy mood. my dad has been an asshle all day and he basically told me if i dont stay in-line hll kick me out.. but the funny thing all ive done is have and oppinion and try to take care of him.. and hes a dick.. yeah im listening to incubus-morning view and i am thoughrally(SP) enjoying it... i really want to get out of my house .. im gunna go to the orthadontist and since we dont hav insurance for my car i have to take te bus but i get to wonder and have great fun doing other not quite sure where yet but i hope it will be fun .. bye by bye bon

2002-08-06 13:57:08 ET

My father would never kick me out, he like controling my life too much.

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