i had a good time ..
2002-08-08 11:04:18 ET

I went to orientation today ... it was reall fun even know there is a tottal conspiacy involving bil gates and him trying to steal my brain... but anyway thosebastard said i dont have all my sahots but i do those assholes...so i couldnt get my schedule or my id... those bastards... so yeah i met this really col chick named sarah.. she was basically dream woman with not glasses.. and she was wicked pretty... she was sitting all alone and by herself.. so i totally fixed her day... im the sexiest man alive.. oh sorry... anyway she was wicked cool and she was so pretty .. and i introduced the community to her ..anyway... so i saw my friend reba today .. and i havent seen he i forever.. and i was totally flirting wiht her all morning..and the cool thing was ... she was *gasp* flirting back .. i was liek you should come over here an siton my ap an make out with me .. so she comes and sits on m lap but we didnt make out... damnit... but kpt n biting her.. i think iave an arousal with biting.. anyway i dig tht girl shes cool ....so thisis a fairly long post so bye bye bye bon

2002-08-08 11:26:58 ET

WOOT!!! You bite me all the time...... hmmmm

2002-08-08 13:31:09 ET

bite i dont sensually bite you on the shoulder and get horribly turned on and then bite me back all sensually ...ha woman

2002-08-08 13:33:40 ET

ok..... thats good

2002-08-08 13:46:08 ET

isnt it great

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