Friday the 13th
2004-02-13 13:29:18 ET

We went to Perversions last night, it was fun, I suppose. It was not nearly as good as Das Bunker, their music selections were not the best, and the dance floor was on the smallish side, if there is one thing I hate when I am dancing, it is bumping into other people which I did a few times last night. The highlight of my evening is when this cyber girl asked me if she could buy me a beer, to which I politely declined, being that I dislike beer and alcohol of any kind. Yes, I am straight edge, I await your poking of fun at me.
I have to work this entire weekend, both closing shifts, which is not too bad since we close earlier on the weekends. Though I have it in my mind that I may be quitting this job soon, I require a job which will pay me more and have better hours, as in more hours. Actually, I kind have had some more hours today, they needed someone to work 5-10 but I already had plans for the evening that I was not about to break off so they could help out the store in Cerritos. Ah well, I do not know how much longer I will be working there anyways. You know it is bad when you reminisince about when you worked at Macy's at 30 hours a week, making more and getting paid weekly. ::Shudders:: I suddenly feel so dirty.
Tonight we are supposed to go see Babyland and some other bands I have not heard of, I am apprehensive, the last few times, Babyland's opening acts have been frighteningly bad, perhaps tonight they will be better, they had better be. ::Shakes fist::
Today is Friday the 13th, I do not know how it began that Friday the 13th gained such a reputation, nothing remotely unpleasant has ever happened to me on this day, it just proves how paranoid and superstitious people are. If anything bad happens, you will all be the first to hear about it. Ta for now.

2004-02-13 15:15:10 ET

Babyland has always had terrible opening bands...

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