2004-04-06 14:03:30 ET

I must once again apologize. (I seem to do that a lot, what does that say about my character!) I have gone quite a bit without updating once again but at least I have a valid excuse, no, really, I do! I have been working practically everyday lately, by the time I get home, I am simply too tired to post anything. I am working the amount of hours I used to at Macys, I am simply working more days, so my body has to get used to it since lately I have been experiencing some lingering exhaustion due to only having two days off a week now. Ah, spring break, I remember when I was in school and this actually meant something to me, now all it means is I get more hours at work, which is good, since I get more money as well. But here is an unpleasant issue, my father has announced that he no longer is willing to pick me up when I have closing shifts. I work till ten pm those nights and since he has to get up early in the morning, he has found those shifts distasteful and has directly refused to pick me up that late anymore. Hmm, I guess I will be hitchhiking home tomorrow night, if you watch Unsolved Mysteries in a few months, I will probably be on there. Heh, just joking, but seriously, now I have to ask whoever is closing with me to take me home, I hate doing that, it is part of my whole issue with not liking asking for help, ask anyone who knows me, it is true. Ah well, maybe I can entice someone on here to give me a ride home, any takers...anyone, please? ::Looks all cute::
Anyways, I am glad I get paid on Friday, this is my last fun paycheck, I have to start saving money up for Anime Expo after this, most of my checks will be going for that, sigh, no more splurging on clothes and manga. I can still buy stuff, in moderation, argh, I dislike that phrase, it means nothing positive to me. I am planning on going to Hollywood this Saturday with friends, so I can spend said paycheck on clothing that I probably do not really need but want anyways. Well, I suppose that is one of the perks of being young and unbound to anything or anyone, you can waste large sums of money on frivlous things.
And in closing, I thought I would mention, I am really getting tired of The Darkness, you know, that British band that has swept the nation with it's catchy rock song, "I believe in a thing called love." Please, just stop, now. We play it several times a week at Hot Topic, and I am just growing weary, the novelty is gone with me now, how much longer can people be intrigued by this? And has anyone ever seen these guys, they are unattractive, with really bad teeth, especially the lead singer, who is trying desperately to resemble Freddy Mercury. Heh, just thought I would rant a tad, no entry is complete with a complaint or ten. Ta for now!

2004-04-06 17:22:26 ET

You can't really expect brits to be all dead sexy or anything... maybe on occasion but that's about it. I haven't even heard that song since I don't listen to radio music.
I'd possibly pick you up but you'd have to wait till about 12:30 if I'm working.

2004-04-06 18:12:49 ET

Yes, I am inclined to agree about the whole lack of beauty of the British, though I have seen a few lovely looking Brit lads.
Lol, hmm, 12:30, thanks for the offer, but I will have to pass, standing outside the Westminster Mall for two plus hours does not appeal to me. ~_^

2004-04-06 18:19:38 ET

Yeah didn't think so.

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