2004-05-19 22:40:38 ET

So, the 'rents are out of town for the day, well, I probably should say they were out of town yesterday. They went to Vegas, with plans to strike it rich...yeah...not too realistic but hey, as long as they are having fun and not hurting too many people, I am fine with it. I did nothing today except talk to Luciferette online for many an hour, than talked to my friend Jeff for about 45 minutes, about anime and other such things. Than I happily indulged myself and watched Petshop of Horrors, a gorgeous, involving anime that I suggest anyone who is a fan of anime watch if for no other reason than to stare in awe at the lovely artwork! I watched the subtitled original Japanese version, I tend to prefer that, unless the dub is exceptional. Right now, I am watching Inu Yasha, ah, so much anime, splendid! And no, I am not obsessed or anything...well...maybe a teeny bit. I think obsession gets a bad rap anyways, what is wrong about being extra passionate about something? Yes, I know, a rather kind way of putting it. I need to get my hair redyed before I go back to work, too much of my natural color is showing and I simply cannot have that! I have not been able to hang out with any of my friends lately, since Lars and Kat left. Hopefully, I will be able to go to Chamber on Sunday, since I will not be able to go to Bunker on Friday! >_<;

2004-05-20 11:14:35 ET

Nothing wrong with a healthy Anime obsession ^_^ I'm making my way through Trigun right now, my friend is pushing me toward Noir, which sounds like it will be fun too. Also got to see Read Or Die recently ^_^. Anime is more fun when you understand a bit of the language and have other enthusiasts to lounge with ^_^.. Going to Chamber over Bunker? I've never been to either, but I know they're in my area, What are they like?

2004-05-20 11:30:59 ET

Trigun was good, great art, always a plus with me. I have yet to see Noir, it seemed interesting though. And I agree with the anime point, practically all of my friends like it or at least know something about it, or are obsessed, like me. ^_^ Well, Bunker is great, the best club in SoCal in my opinion, though they only play industrial music, no gothic or deathrock, which is fine by me. Chamber is good for what it is, a goth club in Orange County, heh, they play decent music, the crowd is pretty good, it has certainly grown in popularity and they play all kinds of different gothic, industrial, darkwave, ect. You should go to one or both clubs sometime, it is a lot of fun, a great way to meet people. ~_^

2004-05-20 11:34:12 ET

Well, I will have to check out bunker soon. Sounds like a lot of fun ^_^

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