The skinny on Skinny Puppy!
2004-07-05 13:16:39 ET

Ha, ha, look at me and my cleverness. Before I go over the events of last night, I just had to mention that I came to the realization today that each time I have consumed five glasses of water, as part of my weight loss plan, I have been drinking 2 liters worth of water! I was curious so I took an empty two liter bottle and poured five glasses of water into it, bloody hell, I was as surprised as anyone! Heh, that has to be something to be proud of right...right? Feh, nevermind.
Well, my day yesterday started out with my having to work, I would have rather had the day off but with my upcoming trip, that was not going to happen. We were quite slow, not unexpected being that it was the 4th of July. Work was rather uneventful, as was going home. When I actually started getting ready for the show was when it got a bit stressful. For one, I was running late, I was supposed to call for a cab at around 7:30pm. Yes, you heard me, a cab, my father flat out refused to take me. Anyways, I called the cab company, and was told they could not send out a cab for an hour and forty five minutes! So, yeah, that was not exacltly convienient for me since it was almost 8:00pm! Fortunately, I was able to get a hold of another cab company, and was able to arrive in plenty of time for the show. There was already quite a long line forming. I have one comment to make, if you want to get all the goths in your area in one place, just have a Skinny Puppy show, that will do the trick. The couple behind me were busy commenting on other people's outfits, it is hard to believe how sniping people can be, though admittadly when I am at clubs, I find myself doing the same thing. Security was rather thourough, there are few things that can compare to be felt up by a large African American female security guard.
One other note, this entire time, I am all by my lonesome, and feeling rather awkward, it is much better to attend functions like this when you are with friends, or at least aqquaintances. The first openning act were rather interesting, quite a bit better than KMFDM's opening acts, they were very amusing The second opening act was rather, hmm, how to put this, suckulent, yes, that is a good word. Around 10:15 or so, Skinny Puppy came on and I will just say this, they were fantastical, amazing, just as good as KMFDM, perhaps better! I just so enjoyed their entire show so much, I am even a bigger fan now than I was before. All I want to know is, what is Ogre on, and how I do I get some? I mean, you would have to see him, he puts on an incredible stage show, the guy never stops moving, the whole time, I was just wondering, "Where the hell is he getting all that energy?!" I am not sure how old he is, but I know how long the band has been around, he must be in his 40's by now! And here I am, not yet 22, and I do not have half that amount of energy. And I must say, he looks pretty damn good for his age! They played for nearly two hours and several times, I found myself dancing, at least slightly, one, my feet were killing me because I was wearing the most impractical shoes known to Man, these mid calf, buckle boots with a five inch heel, and dancing made my feet hurt less. They looked great on though, how I suffer for the sake of fashion. And two, who wouldn't, it is Skinny Puppy, all their songs have such great beats, plus, I had danced to some of the songs at clubs before so it was a natural reaction. Heh, though if no one else were dancing, I probably would not have, but many other people were, or at least swaying to the beat. The band did an encore, than a second encore, it was fantabulous, they were just so awesome! Though I do have a bit of bad news for any of you who want to see them, last night was SP's last North American date, Ogre said as much himself, yes, tragic that. As I was leaving, I walked past the VIP area, and noticed that Wayne Static from Static-X was there, that was nifty, seeing him there, but as I am not a celebrity whore, it did not interest me too terribly. Afterwards, I just milled about, and was told by one young man that I was beautiful, which made me feel good of course. Than I went outside and leaned against a wall, my arms crossed, by myself, trying to look cute and pitiful, hoping to attract someone so I could at least get a ride home. Well, I suppose I don't do cute or pitiful well, since I just seemed to come off as looking upset, enough so one guy came up to me and asked me if I was alright, if I had had a good time! Heh, I want to know, do I really look that unapproachable, I mean, to people that know me, I need to know this! All in all, it was a great evening with a spetaculer show(Heh, I am running out of adjectives!), it would have been better had I went with someone else but hey, what are you going to do?

2004-07-05 20:29:17 ET

Lol.... I can sometimes get what I want by looking cute but not being female it doesn't work very often.

2004-07-05 21:40:48 ET

Heh, I can just imagine you, sitting around in a corner, looking cute and forlorn, lol, you would probably do better than I did! ~_^

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