Another Anime Con perhaps?
2004-07-20 12:29:20 ET

I just thought I would jot down a quick post, so as not to seem as though I am neglecting my journal. Since I have returned from FL, I have been rather busy, I worked each day till yesterday which was my first day off since I came back, it feels nice to be able to relax and just veg out. Well, today has not been overly relaxing, as I do not drive, I have to walk everywhere, in the summer, during the height of the day, which I had to do today. So yeah, that is not fun, I was hot and miserable, and yet, I still wore a knee length black coat because god forbid I get any color on my skin, I am so pale, I reflect light! Though one thing was brought to my attention as I walked, there are way too many guys honking and cat calling at me. It ceased to flatter or amuse me long ago, now it is just annoying. I mean, what do they hope to accomplish by doing that, I need to know this, please, tell me men out there, what posses you to do that?!
On another note, I am really beginning to enjoy my anime convention experiences, and cosplaying, it is great fun. There is another con coming up in early October, called Ani-Magic, taking place in Valencia, Ca. Already I have my friend Jeff signed up as wanting to come with, so if anyone else is interested, tell me, the more, the better. And if you want to cosplay, all the better, since I am going to, probably another Angel Sanctuary cosplay, Rosiel or Belial, whichever is simpler. I am even going to attempt to make my own angel wings, perhaps that will end up being the thing that I excell at, cosplay wise. Or else it would be a big mess of feathers and glue, heh, hopefully the latter! If you want to check out some of my cosplay links, look at my earlier entry, where I am cosplaying as Rosiel from AS, and Maria Renard from Castlevania: SOTN. That's all for now!

2004-07-20 19:02:24 ET

Ummm... the honking and stuff isn't something I do or would do usually, though I'm sure you could have already guessed that. I'd say just take it as a compliment. Let it make you smile and keep going on your way.

2004-07-21 11:29:47 ET

Heh, actually, most times I do just that, I think I was just in an irritable mood that day, being that I was outside during the day, during the summer. ^_^

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