Fear the Robo Bitch of Total Devastation!
2004-07-26 13:01:14 ET

Just thought I would write a quick post. I worked all this weekend, which was fun, except that one of my associates was sick, and thusly, made me rather paranoid, I started everytime she coughed, damn, I hate coughing! I bought some new tees since I am selling a few of mine on my upcoming Ebay auctions and I could always use more tees. I bought this awesome new Bauhaus girl tank that we got in and one of those cute little babydoll tees that generally have some amusing saying or something else cute on them, in this case, this one says Dark Angel on the front with wings on the back. Ah, I can be so cute and cliched sometimes! ~_^ I also bought a new Illig shirt and skirt off the HT website, I knew we would probably never get them so I decided to purchase them, besides, Illig is my favorite brand we sell, besides Lip Service. Just what Divine Decay needs, more clothes, my poor closet is so full already! No, I'll tell you when you're full!
On Saturday, before work, I went with my friend Jeff to Frank and Sons collectible show, it was right spiffy, they had all sorts of neat things, heh, there certainly were a lot of nerds there though, not surprising because the booths getting the most business were generally card related, Yugi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, Marvel and DC, so forth. I did end up buying something, the lovely Alice and Chesire cat figures from the game American Mcgee's Alice, they are so cute, and twisted looking! Plus, they were only $15, you just cannot go wrong there. The last or should I say first of my purchases, was the last Mamiya Oki artbook I require for my collection, heh, I paid nearly $50 for an 80 page artbook full of black and white sketches. Sigh, I wonder about myself sometimes! >_< Lastly, here is a villian quiz I liberated from my friend Luci!<br>

What kind of villian would you be?
LJ Username <input type='text' name='in0' size='32' maxlength='64' value='divinedecay'>
Gender <select name='in1' size='1'><option value='Male' >Male</option><option value='Female' selected>Female</option></select>
Favorite color <input type='text' name='in2' size='32' maxlength='64' value='Black and Red'>
Do you root for good, or for awesome? <select name='in3' size='1'><option value='Good' >Good</option><option value='Evil' selected>Evil</option><option value='Awesome%21+Duh%2C+why+do+you+think+I%27m+taking+a+villian+quiz%3F' >Awesome! Duh, why do you think I'm taking a villian quiz?</option></select>
Your trusted second in command invioletstripes
Your arch nemesis, aka; lorax999
Evil appearance Cybernetic badass, you are shiny, tall, and equipped with all the right things to make someone go boom. All will fear your robotic onslought, and none will dare oppose you!
What you;ve done so far Once a great dark power, you were sealed up and locked away. Well now you're back, and pissed off.
Your evil powers/skills Dude, robopowers.
Chances of taking over/destroying world - 12%
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Try Your Answers!">
This quiz by tea_chan - Taken 1473 Times.
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Heh, that is so awesome, fear the robo bitch of doom! It's a rivethead's wet dream! :P

2004-07-26 16:42:59 ET

On thinkgeek.com they have a Digital Angel shirt with digitized looking wings on the back of it.

2004-07-26 23:11:07 ET

Heh, wow, that is much better than the tee I got, I might have to get one of those! Thanks! ::Hugs::

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